We have several layers of security on this website to insure that we are squeaky clean. Our first layer is through our host “Liquid Web” which, by itself, has very robust security. You will also notice that our site is proteccted by an SSL certificate. In the address bar of your browser, you will notice https:// which means that we are protected by an encrypted SSL protocol. We have gone through great effort to protect all “forms” you may fill out, such that our code confuses and kills malicious crawlers searching for email addresses used to SPAM. Our site is monitored by a third party security firm, daily. Lastly, once an order has been placed, credit card information is immediately purged. We DO NOT know or have ANY access to credit card information used for online orders and it is invisible, even to us. Our merchant processor is “Paypal” who is a very large and well respected payment platform. We take security VERY seriously.