The most common is a “fixed attachment” where by panels are in place for the entire season and then entirely removed during warm months to preserve longevity. They Attach using Velcro, Marine Snaps, and L-screws through grommets.

Don’t forget to ask your planner about a “roll up” feature. Just like roman shades, fixed Velcro Panels can be rigged to “roll up”.  A roll up system is very simple to create on your own.  We simply need to position grommets to enable you to do so. The video at the bottom of this page will show you how.



We do offer a tracking option whereby panels will slide side-to-side.  The tracking option is typically used only when clients already have our summer insect curtains and want them to be interchangeable.  While the summer insect curtains are lovely and decorative when tied back, let’s face it, you won’t win a beauty contest with a gathered swag of thick plastic.  If this is your first purchase from us, we recommend a fixed attachment to save money since you won’t need track hardware.


How Is The Top Attached?

Heavy Tracking

Adding a “Roll Up” Feature

Complete Installation Video