Want to lure customers to outdoor dining during in cold and rainy climate? Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures are an investment that pay for themselves in just a week or two. Keep customers warm by using a space heater and create a cozy al fresco environment year round. Using outdoor clear vinyl plastic panels will put more diners in view of passers by luring them towards a restaurant with “action”, instead of to an alternative restaurant. Expand your culinary real estate, Today!

Important: The Clear Vinyl is Fire rated but the canvas apron is only fire rated upon request and is more expensive. The biggest concern are the materials near the ceiling and projects less than 9ft tall typically only have canvas at the bottom. Only for very tall projects is there a top canvas. We ask you to use your most conservative judgment for the protection of others and yourself.

Clear Plastic Panels for Restaurant Patio

Slate Restaurant Various Attachments

Clear Vinyl for Restaurants