While we have a patent on our methods, there should be no one that does what we do the way we do it. WE ARE THE SOURCE FOR CORRECT ANSWERS, which is why we have no problem sharing what the competition does.

There are some beautiful porch screening systems out there that we’ve seen at trade shows. Try “Phantom Screens”, “Easy” or “Reel Screen”, “Mirage Screens” for some nifty systems that will even work by remote control. It’s expensive, but pretty impressive. “Kittymac” makes garage screens in pre-packaged sizes, but we have not seen their product first hand and it is not machine washable. For cheap bed nets and umbrella netting, try “BuyHammocks.com” For simple doorways “mirage screens” are a cheap but cheap product that in our opinion works reasonably well and is well priced if a one-size fits all method works and you have absolutely no wind. For cheap gazebo nets (both price and quality) try “gardenwinds.com”

We did have a couple come into our office under false pretenses. We later learned they owned a $5MM business and wanted to poach our methods and ideas and offer a competing product. When we noticed them trying to video tape and writing notes, we knew something was fishy and ushered them out of our production area. Wouldn’t you know it, they started www.nomoskeetos.com using OUR photos and our exact methods. They offered a price just below ours. If this is the type of business who will make you happy, by all means, have at it. We want you happy, even if it means going elsewhere. You’ll be back!