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Making our customers happy is our goal. We often receive photos of our work from our satisfied customers once they finish installation. We proudly display them here on our website. Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us. We would love to work with you too!

Lovely Victorian

"Hi Steve - Here are a few pictures of the mosquito netting - we're getting a lot of compliments. And, requests for the website - definitely solves porch screening issues!"


To The Family at MC's

"Hello Denise, Kurt, Everett, Isabella, Patrick and everyone else! Just wanted to let you know that the curtains fit perfectly considering the odd measurements we had to deal with! And they look great too! I had ‘stumbled’ across your site looking for a solution for my particular awning and even first considered making them myself. I can sew and am a hacker at heart.  But, hey, why reinvent the wheel??  But spending close to $1000, ‘blind’ off the web can sometimes be a scary thing. I think the fact that you are a family-run business is what really sold me: I knew that attention to detail and service would be paramount! And I was not wrong. 

Your presentation, product, quality and attention to detail were excellent! And I really appreciated the personal call-back from you and Kurt ‘just to make sure’ of the odd dimensions of the panels. I suspect that I will soon become a reseller too. Not that I necessarily want to – but I’m sure that everyone I know will be asking me where I got them and if they can get them too! There are very few places – especially here in the greater Montreal area – that sells curtains like these at such reasonable prices. I do need another hobby so what the heck! PS: Tell Isabella and Patrick that they did an excellent job! Quebec , Canada"

Worth Every Penny

"I want to let you know that we love our curtains. This is the first year that we actually sat outside our backyard and were not bitten to death with mosquitoes. Thanks to our beautiful curtains!!! They not only do the job of   keeping the nasty mosquitoes out but also look beautiful. There are certain things we spend our money on and say to ourselves, "that was not worth it", but with the mosquitoes curtains, "WORTH EVERY PENNY" Can you tell me the best way to wash them?"

Just Pretty Photos

"We love the curtains. Everyone was sooo helpful and installing was trouble-free. 
They are so durable that I’ll bet they will last many years."


A Canadian Porch

"Hi, We just installed our curtains on a section of our porch and are very pleased. We are now considering installing curtains on the adjoining section. Installation went well, we were very pleased. Thanks for all of your help, Kurt, and for a great product!  We have used our porch more in the past week than we did all last summer. Love it!"


A Gift From One Good Friend To Another

"Thank you so much for helping me on this project for my good friends, it really came out excellent everyone was impressed by the quality and the neatness of the curtains. My friends were very grateful! Essam"


Passing It On

"Hi Steve, finally got the curtains up and absolutely love them!!! Had lots of compliments and passed on your name! Thank you for the great service! Russell and Andrea"

Mahalo from Maui!

"Dear Mosquito Curtains, Our little curtain turned out greatthank you so much! It's been so nice to enjoy the view without the unwanted company of mosquitos! Thought you might find this idea interesting for the bottom edge, we are going to try velcro-ing little sandbags to the bottom edge of the curtain (a boat-cover trick).  If it still needs elastic cords in the corner, we'll installthe hooks in the floor, after the deck is tiled.  Amy & David."


"Hi Kurt,  Thanks for the clear plastic winter window panels. Initially, we debated black webbing vs white on these but the black frames the windows nicely and we don't have to worry about soiling."


North GA

"Hi Kurt and Gary, 
I want to thank you and all the Mosquito Curtain team.  You guys did a wonderful job delivering to me all the makings of a really ideal new front porch.  It fits perfectly and it has given our home a new dimension of pleasure, value and coziness,  as well as complete protection from those nasty biting insects that had previously made the space completely uninhabitable during warm weather.  We take comfort in it every day.
Hope you had a very successful season. With best wish and high regards, JZ"

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