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Making our customers happy is our goal. We often receive photos of our work from our satisfied customers once they finish installation. We proudly display them here on our website. Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us. We would love to work with you too!

Passing It On

"Hi Steve, finally got the curtains up and absolutely love them!!! Had lots of compliments and passed on your name! Thank you for the great service! Russell and Andrea"

New Brunswick

"Hello Kurt,   Recently, I hosted a couple of large groups for a BBQ in my backyard and received a lot of compliments for the mosquito curtains. A few asked where I got the curtains and how they could order. So you may get some more business from New Brunswick Canada. 

My wife and I are delighted with the results, and at a fraction of the cost of a less preferable option would have been. Thank you for your helpful advice, courteous service and prompt delivery."


"Hi Kurt, I would like to thank you for all your help in the planning of the mosquito curtain for our cabin in the Yukon. We just spent a week out at our remote cabin and the new curtain made a huge difference in our enjoyment of the cabin. Your additional advise on sizing worked perfectly. My wife says a special thanks as we now spend early morning and evenings using the extra space on the deck. Thanks again for all your support and advice. doug"

Worth Every Penny

"I want to let you know that we love our curtains. This is the first year that we actually sat outside our backyard and were not bitten to death with mosquitoes. Thanks to our beautiful curtains!!! They not only do the job of   keeping the nasty mosquitoes out but also look beautiful. There are certain things we spend our money on and say to ourselves, "that was not worth it", but with the mosquitoes curtains, "WORTH EVERY PENNY" Can you tell me the best way to wash them?"

Hail Storm

"On Wednesday this week, we had just left with some friends to go out for supper. About a half mile from home, an "unexpected" hail storm hit. We had visions of the roof panel ripped to shreds, since the hail stones were at least quarter size. All I could think about was having to replace the screens.  2 hours later, we returned and to our surprise and "RELIEF" there were no holes or rips anywhere!!! As you can see in the pictures, the piles of hail must have been pretty big right after the storm. It was around 80 degrees so they had melted a lot in 2 hours. Your netting is definitely "Heavy Duty"."

Sarcastically Satisfied (funny)

"I am writing in response to the service i received several weeks ago from one of your employees Gary Richmond. During the initial contact and subsequent emails back and forth to finalize my design, I was very uncomfortable with Gary's responsiveness and full knowledge of the product. We exchanged ideas on how to best install the product and finalized a solution. I was very disappointed when he called me several times to clarify any issues and finally take my order. He was also very dishonest in setting delivery expectationsthe products arrived in half the time he stated...

Seriously, I am extremely impressed with the support Gary provided. He was constantly providing alternative methods (thinking out of the box) during the design of my curtain system and walked me step by step to ensure my order was complete. It has become commonplace to receive mediocre support these days, but your company has raised the bar in supporting it's customers. Due to my very busy schedule, i have not yet fully installed the entire product, but after inspecting the contents of my shipment, i know I have received quality components. I am very exited to complete the installation this weekend and showcase my patio to friends and neighbors. I am planning on providing Gary several photo's of the before/after installation. Thank you for a great product and support, Dan Saez

Hey Dan, Thanks for the note on Gary's delinquent service. We have fired him and he'll have to go back to living under that bridge again. We also beat his ass as he left and everyone took a turn shouting, "You disappointed Dan!" We did send him off with a bottle of cologne to help him with his chances of finding another job. I look forward to your photos and our family sincerely hopes your family is happy with the product. Kurt"

North GA

"Hi Kurt and Gary, 
I want to thank you and all the Mosquito Curtain team.  You guys did a wonderful job delivering to me all the makings of a really ideal new front porch.  It fits perfectly and it has given our home a new dimension of pleasure, value and coziness,  as well as complete protection from those nasty biting insects that had previously made the space completely uninhabitable during warm weather.  We take comfort in it every day.
Hope you had a very successful season. With best wish and high regards, JZ"

British Columbia

"Hello Kurt, Here are some pictures.  I really enjoy the look of the room plus it blocks the cold when I open the back door. Great plus! Eve"


Consistent Service

"I have had your mosquito curtains hung for four years now in Beverly Shores, Indiana, and they are still working well.  We are able to enjoy the evenings without fear of mosquitos.  When I have needed extra parts you guys have been great at resolving my problems and sending me replacement items like magnets and marine snaps.  It is infrequently that one encounters such an upright company, especially via the internet.  Thanks so much for being there when we needed you.  I recommend you to all my neighbors."


"Hello Folks, I just finished installing the replacement curtain you sent and want to tell you how perfect it is.  We are so happy with the end result.  We feel like we added another room to our home.  The new curtain touches the floor just as it should and we can now install a few marine snaps to hold it in place.  Since we received our first order, we have sat on our patio daily which is quite a change from past years.  We had a deer run thru our yard this morning while we were sitting on the patio. It wasn’t 15 yards from us! A number of our friends have come over and are so impressed with the curtains and their effectiveness.  Most of the visitors are amazed how you really don’t “see” the curtain when you look out.  Again we want to thank you for replacing the first curtain due to its length.  I will definitely tell all of our visitors how easy you folks were to work with.   Two happy customers, Ferdinand, IN 47532"

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