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Making our customers happy is our goal. We often receive photos of our work from our satisfied customers once they finish installation. We proudly display them here on our website. Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us. We would love to work with you too!

Orchid Grower

"I have the vinyl curtains up and they look great, and fit also. I could not be more pleased. Thanks for all of your help on my order. One question: What should we use to clean them, and to keep them looking good. Thanks Don! Glad we got them straightened out. We use a product called 210 and we get it at West Marine. It's a great cleaner and it also adds UV protection. We'll offer the cleaner in the near future when we get license."

British Columbia

"Hello Kurt, Here are some pictures.  I really enjoy the look of the room plus it blocks the cold when I open the back door. Great plus! Eve"


Sorry, Not for us

"Dear Kurt, While we love the quality curtains, we don't really have an insect problem and were hoping these would block our viscious 80mph Oklahoma winds that toss our patio furniture and they don't do the job. How do I return them? 

Our curtains aren't meant to be a wind block. In fact, they are designed for wind speeds below 20mph for tracking attachment and 40mph for Velcro® attachment with an outside hang. Biting insects are unable to fly at wind speeds above 15.6 mph according to our entomologist friends at the USDA. If using tracking, open the curtains in a strong wind and enjoy the fresh air. I'm sorry we must not have explained this well enough on the website. We will address it next update. Please return the curtains to us and we will refund your money...just like we promised."


"Hi Kurt,  Thanks for the clear plastic winter window panels. Initially, we debated black webbing vs white on these but the black frames the windows nicely and we don't have to worry about soiling."


American Farmhouse

"“We have an old farm house with a nice front porch, but for a couple months every summer we couldn't enjoy it because of the mosquitos. This spring we ordered our curtains from you, they are  everything you advertised.  The installation was easy, and we have had dinner on the porch more times already this year then ever before.  I have told all of our friends about your product and your family run business.” - Walt and Karen, Michigan"

Happy Happy

"I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with my project! I had a professional home builder friend install my vinyl and he was totally impressed at how perfect the measurements were and how easy it was to install. He has already told his neighbor about you and you will probably be getting an order for a larger project from her! Thanks very much."


Worth Every Penny

"I want to let you know that we love our curtains. This is the first year that we actually sat outside our backyard and were not bitten to death with mosquitoes. Thanks to our beautiful curtains!!! They not only do the job of   keeping the nasty mosquitoes out but also look beautiful. There are certain things we spend our money on and say to ourselves, "that was not worth it", but with the mosquitoes curtains, "WORTH EVERY PENNY" Can you tell me the best way to wash them?"

BC Canada

"Hello Gary, just thought we would drop you a line after spending two weeks at our cabin (kids, grandkids and dogs) Everyone just loved the new enclosed space.  We had all our meals on the deck and some nights sat out there until 9-10 o’clock.  We even sat out there through a thunder and lightening storm one night.   We could never have done that without the mosquito netting.  The bugs as usual were bad. Our 18 month old granddaughter had no trouble opening and closing the door – don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing when we want to keep track of her.  It was a great investment and thank you for your attentiveness throughout the process."

Creative Lady

"Hi Kurt, love the curtains. Fairly easy to install and no mosquitos. Thanks for all the help. This woman was very imaginative and noticed a track attachment surface in between, and above, the lower double header beams. By the way, these lovely well designed and priced cedar pergolas are available through Lawn Masters who sells them at many Home Depot Stores."


"Kurt, Here is a night shot of the curtains you sent to us last week. Covering the entire courtyard opening had the effect that I wanted and made it a cozy area for guests at dinner. If you remember (see shot on your home page), we had originally only covered the side openings. Hope you like the look as well. We are once again very happy, satisfied customers of Mosquito Curtains."

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