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Making our customers happy is our goal. We often receive photos of our work from our satisfied customers once they finish installation. We proudly display them here on our website. Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us. We would love to work with you too!

PVC Frame

"Hi Kurt, Just wanted to thank you again for your precise cuts on the weirdly-shaped screened patio.  It came out just great, and we've been using the patio regularly, now that the mosquitoes, bees, and flies are outside looking in. I'm very pleased with the results. Considering I was getting quotes around $15-20K to put in a similarly-sized screened porch, this really is a bargain!"


USDA Bee Study

"Kurt- bees are happily flying, foraging and nesting this past week in the cage, with no escapes once we plugged the wee holes at the tops of the zippers.  Those zippers, BTW, slide beautifully, valuable when you only have one hand free when exiting the cage.   Light transmission is excellent, and there seems to be no impedence of air flow with the cooling system. Pictures are tricky in the confined space, but here is an example. Yours, Jim C. USDA-ARS Utah"

Entertainment Pavilion North Dakota

"Thanks for the curtains...you will be getting more work up here. They liked them so much, they want vinyl to cover our sound booth and perhaps the back of this structure."

Mahalo from Maui!

"Dear Mosquito Curtains, Our little curtain turned out greatthank you so much! It's been so nice to enjoy the view without the unwanted company of mosquitos! Thought you might find this idea interesting for the bottom edge, we are going to try velcro-ing little sandbags to the bottom edge of the curtain (a boat-cover trick).  If it still needs elastic cords in the corner, we'll installthe hooks in the floor, after the deck is tiled.  Amy & David."

BC Canada

"Hello Gary, just thought we would drop you a line after spending two weeks at our cabin (kids, grandkids and dogs) Everyone just loved the new enclosed space.  We had all our meals on the deck and some nights sat out there until 9-10 o’clock.  We even sat out there through a thunder and lightening storm one night.   We could never have done that without the mosquito netting.  The bugs as usual were bad. Our 18 month old granddaughter had no trouble opening and closing the door – don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing when we want to keep track of her.  It was a great investment and thank you for your attentiveness throughout the process."

Skeptic Turned Believer

"Earlier this year I realized that I needed to do something that would allow my wife and I the ability to enjoy our back porch and not be driven off by the small, black mosquitos.  For the better part of the 20 years we have lived in our house the back porch was off limits due to the aggressive little biters. I found your company searching the Internet and purchased the mosquito netting system.  I remained skeptical for a while after installing the curtains, which was extremely easy.  But after several weeks of mosquito free use of the porch we have become believers of your product and have recommended it to many of our friends. Thank you so much for giving us a place to enjoy the outdoors without the penalty of the aggravating insect bites."

Sleeping Outside

"Hi Kurt, I hope everything is going well with you and your family. Please find attached my story, including a few pictures. We ordered before and we are extremely happy with your service, quality and simplicity of design. Within a couple of hours of receiving the shipment, we had a whole “new” outdoors living space. We now spend most of our days there (we are more or less retired –at least during the summer months.) It is unbelievably relaxing, peaceful just lying down and listening to music and watching our ravine beyond our backyard. Because we don’t have to fight bugs, we sometimes just fall asleep there. Thank you very much for all you are doing, I hope everyone hears about what you do, and I hope you prosper in your enterprise. Regards, Jim (ON, Canada)"


"Hi Kurt, I would like to thank you for all your help in the planning of the mosquito curtain for our cabin in the Yukon. We just spent a week out at our remote cabin and the new curtain made a huge difference in our enjoyment of the cabin. Your additional advise on sizing worked perfectly. My wife says a special thanks as we now spend early morning and evenings using the extra space on the deck. Thanks again for all your support and advice. doug"

Mosquito NO Vacancy

"Thanks for all u r help on this Arron , as u can see it turned out pretty dam nice. Very happy with the curtain and now the Mosquitos will have to find somewhere else to go . Lol. Thanks again. Thane"


Great Product

"Steve, Could not be happier! What a great product. Top quality materials, superior customer service and simple homeowner installation. Thanks for all your guidance and help. Jim"

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