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Making our customers happy is our goal. We often receive photos of our work from our satisfied customers once they finish installation. We proudly display them here on our website. Read below to see what our customers have to say and how they describe their experiences with us. We would love to work with you too!

Extremely Impressed

"Hi Kurt,   Kurt,I know I’m pretty late getting these to you, but I figured better late than never! I got everything installed, and I’ve used them a few times. I’m extremely impressed! They make a world of difference when the mosquitos start to come out in the evening! I can actually use the porch after the sun goes down now!...Jason"

An American Porch

"Hi Kurt,  Thanks for taking care of the snap tool refund. That tool definitely made things much easier. I'm definitely pleased with the curtains but much more importantly, my wife loves them!  Here are some pictures for you. I will recommend your product to anyone who asks.   Thanks again,  Irv

We are looking for more "flagged" porches to add to our gallery. All Countries invited.....Especially you, Canadians? We have curtains on porches in in 45 countries from 6 continents...sorry Antarctica."


British Columbia

"Hello Kurt, Here are some pictures.  I really enjoy the look of the room plus it blocks the cold when I open the back door. Great plus! Eve"


Great Product

"Steve, Could not be happier! What a great product. Top quality materials, superior customer service and simple homeowner installation. Thanks for all your guidance and help. Jim"

To The Family at MC's

"Hello Denise, Kurt, Everett, Isabella, Patrick and everyone else! Just wanted to let you know that the curtains fit perfectly considering the odd measurements we had to deal with! And they look great too! I had ‘stumbled’ across your site looking for a solution for my particular awning and even first considered making them myself. I can sew and am a hacker at heart.  But, hey, why reinvent the wheel??  But spending close to $1000, ‘blind’ off the web can sometimes be a scary thing. I think the fact that you are a family-run business is what really sold me: I knew that attention to detail and service would be paramount! And I was not wrong. 

Your presentation, product, quality and attention to detail were excellent! And I really appreciated the personal call-back from you and Kurt ‘just to make sure’ of the odd dimensions of the panels. I suspect that I will soon become a reseller too. Not that I necessarily want to – but I’m sure that everyone I know will be asking me where I got them and if they can get them too! There are very few places – especially here in the greater Montreal area – that sells curtains like these at such reasonable prices. I do need another hobby so what the heck! PS: Tell Isabella and Patrick that they did an excellent job! Quebec , Canada"

Orchid Grower

"I have the vinyl curtains up and they look great, and fit also. I could not be more pleased. Thanks for all of your help on my order. One question: What should we use to clean them, and to keep them looking good. Thanks Don! Glad we got them straightened out. We use a product called 210 and we get it at West Marine. It's a great cleaner and it also adds UV protection. We'll offer the cleaner in the near future when we get license."

Passing It On

"Hi Steve, finally got the curtains up and absolutely love them!!! Had lots of compliments and passed on your name! Thank you for the great service! Russell and Andrea"

More of a Need Than a Want

"I just called to order some extra parts I needed to complete the installation of my curtains.  I had to stop and take time to email you guys.  I have to say that I'm extremely satisfied with every step of this process....from the ordering, to the installation (with awesome videos)....to the customer service.  If you would like a more formal testimonial from me, I'd be happy to supply you with one.  My wife is allergic to bees and my daughter is battling cancer right now.  The doctors are strongly advising her to stay indoors all summer because a mosquito carrying some funky disease could kill her right now (immune system is wiped from chemo).  So these curtains were a huge blessing, as she will not spend a large chunk of her summer on our nice porch with her new Maltese puppy (Angel)---so these curtains were more of a "need" than a "want". I'm a realtor in Wausau, Wisconsin and have already told two of my buyers about your product.  My father was also impressed and I'll probably be ordering some curtains for his deck/porch.  I'll send you photos of my project after it is 100% completed. Thank you , thank you, thank you....ingenious idea....well executed!"

American Farmhouse

"“We have an old farm house with a nice front porch, but for a couple months every summer we couldn't enjoy it because of the mosquitos. This spring we ordered our curtains from you, they are  everything you advertised.  The installation was easy, and we have had dinner on the porch more times already this year then ever before.  I have told all of our friends about your product and your family run business.” - Walt and Karen, Michigan"

Mahalo from Maui!

"Dear Mosquito Curtains, Our little curtain turned out greatthank you so much! It's been so nice to enjoy the view without the unwanted company of mosquitos! Thought you might find this idea interesting for the bottom edge, we are going to try velcro-ing little sandbags to the bottom edge of the curtain (a boat-cover trick).  If it still needs elastic cords in the corner, we'll installthe hooks in the floor, after the deck is tiled.  Amy & David."

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