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Lasting Effects of the West Nile Virus


Lasting Effects of the West Nile Virus As we hear about West Nile Virus on the news, it is easy to become complacent. Since 2000, there have been over 40,000 reported cases more than 1,000 deaths. We read that the most susceptible are the elderly and young children, particularly those with weak immune systems. But, what is not fully appreciated is the lasting effects that this virus can have on those that are considered to be relatively healthy. About one-third of the recorded cases are considered “serious.” Such cases often involve days or even weeks of [...]

Lasting Effects of the West Nile Virus2020-02-26T14:42:08-05:00

History of Man’s Deadliest Killer


History of Man’s Deadliest Killer You can also watch this fun slide show. As the summer season approaches, people are already thinking about mosquitos.  There is nothing more aggravating than that high pitched whine in the middle of the night of a mosquito hunting you for another meal.  A mother’s visceral reaction to a nasty blood sucker on a child’s forehead will certainly incur her speedy wrath.  While today the risks to Americans is relatively low, this disease carrying monster has inflicted far more harm on mankind than most of us in the U.S. realize.  Here [...]

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Teaching Children That “Work is Good”


Teaching Children That “Work is Good" Every parent would like to raise their children to be happy productive adults.  Considering that work comprises more than half of the adult waking day, wouldn't it be nice if we could guide our children to find fulfillment in their adult careers? So many adults do not find fulfillment in their jobs. Many view work as what you do until enough nickels are saved after kids, mortgage, and tuition to last you through that window between retirement and the hereafter.  We find ourselves trapped in our jobs that we perform [...]

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Dear Martha Stewart


Dear Martha Stewart... March 20, 2007 Dear Martha, I would love to share how our “Martha Stewart” approach to solving a common problem has resulted in the inspiration of a simple invention and a budding e-commerce family business. First, God bless Martha Stewart! You have contributed so much to home, family and living life more beautifully!  You are an idol and icon for women that value all those very things you promote.  You have gained us respect and appreciation, and even proved we weren’t insane for seeking perfection. This I know from personal experience, the first [...]

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A Very Cool Project For Kids (They’ll Remember It Forever)


A Very Cool Project For Kids (They'll Remember It Forever) If you grew up during the Great Depression, chances are you learned to make your own fun. Yet another wonderful quality of the Greatest Generation is that they learned to make just about anything out of scraps of whatever was available. The talent partially passed to the next generation, but has certainly faded now that our kids are consumed by video games and Sponge Bob. We are a generation of convenience where if we want it, we buy it. The reality hit me when my son, confounded by [...]

A Very Cool Project For Kids (They’ll Remember It Forever)2020-02-26T14:23:23-05:00

Bond Sales, Mosquito Curtains And A Rodeo Ghost.


Bond Sales, Mosquito Curtains And A Rodeo Ghost. Fathers, Sons & A Rodeo Ghost By Kurt Jordan Download Screenplay PDF (188Kb) Listen to Lt Walter Scott Audio Lt Walter Scott Audio - The Man who buried Sport Jordan and fought on Corregidor I should have been content with my coveted Wall Street job as a bond salesman, but after 19 years, I decided to recklessly toss tie to the wind for the life of a small business entrepreneur beckoned by my wife's encouragement and a ghost [...]

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