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Theater Scrims

Theater Scrims

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Custom-made super high quality theater scrims

Marine Grade

Easy install
and removal


Easy Storage
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Theater Scrim Optical Effects

Fabric scrims are used often in visual productions for the interesting effects they create under different lighting conditions. White scrims are more common and are milky to see through for a dreamy ethereal effect. Black scrims are for that eerie holographic effect. When subjects behind the screen are illuminated, black scrims are virtually transparent.

Start With Screen
Add Some Lighting

Fabricated Theater Scrims

We custom fabricate any size adding a sturdy perimeter webbing with fasteners like Velcro®, Grommets, Marine Snaps, or even rig it for our overhead tracking. We are VERY good at rigging ideas and are happy to help. All fabrics are pulling from 10ft (wide) bolts and our most popular, Shark's tooth scrim, is pulled from a jumbo 12ft (wide) bolt. Often, clients need very large scrims and we will seam panels together to make virtually any size scrim.

Then a Groovy Brand
Black Screen Effect

Theater Scrim Colors / Mesh

Imagine you are in the audience at a theater looking at the scrim. The audience side of the scrim is unlit and the lighting behind the theater scrim is bright. Each mesh/color will have a different resolution of the image on the scrim and a different visibility through the scim to see what is behind. Sometimes you just need white or just need black, but we want to characterize the effects.

Front Lighting
Back Lighting
White Sharks Tooth
The most commonly used theater scrim material. Less dense, good image resolution, and very good ethereal transparency of back stage objects.
White Shade
The densest, most opaque material and will have the best image resolution for painting and projection, but poor transparency of back stage objects.
Black Shade
Is a dense Adam's family material. It is dense enough for painting.

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