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Screen Patio

Screen Patio

Quality Screen Protection For Less

  • Custom-made Mosquito Curtains
  • Offered at an Affordable Price
  • Exceptional Marine-grade Quality
  • Retractable & Removable
  • Delivered in 3-7 business days (US/Canada)
  • Easy-to-self-install Porch Enclosure Kits
  • So You Can Enjoy Family Time Outdoors!
Small Family Business
Made in USA
Satisfaction Guarantee
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Permanent Patio Screen Room...or Elegant Mosquito Curtains?

Nasty bloodsuckers ruining your family time outdoors this season? Screening your patio doesn't need to be complicated or expensive or permanent! Now, there is a low cost elegant solution that you can install in an afternoon. Mosquito Netting Curtains patio screen enclosure system are custom-made to your specifications and hang with minimal DIY skills. If you can operate a tape measure and handle a few household tools, you can be enjoying your insect free patio in less than a week. This 25ft project under $600 all-in.

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Uniquely Different Outdoor Screen Room Enclosures

Think super quality marine-grade mosquito netting, custom cut to any shape, bound on all sides with a sturdy webbing. You have the option of hanging your curtains using our overhead tracking system or by a fixed Velcro® attachment to save even more. Sides are fastened using stainless steel marine snaps and doorways seal with freakishly strong rare-earth magnets.

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Mosquito Curtains | Quality & Service

Our most important concern is always quality. Here is an example. They cheap gazebo screens you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores are garbage. You can put your thumb right through it. Our netting is strong enough to lift this 240lb man. Even more, it is "solution dyed" such that the thread is colored and UV protected to its core. It means that your curtains won't fade or rot prematurely. All fasteners are stainless steel and our tracking hardware is powder-coated aluminum. See our guarantee.

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