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Outdoor Projection Screens

Outdoor Projection Screens

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Custom-made super high quality outdoor projection screens

Marine Grade

Easy install
and removal


Easy Storage
and Cleaning

About Product

There are a variety of outdoor projection screens on the market. Some are inflatable, but, imagine what that's like hauling out mildewed plastic with an extension cord only to listen to the hum of the blower during your movie. We wanted to offer a ready to mount screen from virtually any improvised surface at a much more affordable cost. We decided to focus on the quality of the material and offer flexible rigging techniques where you can hang your outdoor projection screen in a place that is convenient for you. We can make very large panels, great for 3D projection mapping screen projects.

Rig to What's Available
Or Create a Simple Frame

We don't want you fumbling with frames if you can mount to an overhead surface using a Roman Shade, or perhaps stretching between something overhead like a tree or a pergola. Besides, simple frames are easy enough to make from PVC and sometimes simple is best.

A Word About Projectors

The resolution of your video is determined by the number of lumens that your projector puts out. Also consider the "throw" of the projector which is how far back the projector needs to be from the screen to project the size you want (termed short throw of long throw). This too will affect resolution. The videos below show both back projection (left) and (front) projection. Notice the resolution of this Optima 26HD 3200 Lumen projector sold online for about $645.

Back Lit Projection Screen
Hang as Roll up Screen
Front Lit Projection Screen
(See $645 3200 lumen projector)
White Shade
9ft tall x 16 wide = $340
Sharkstooth Scrim
Courtesy of: www.SynthReality.org

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