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Industrial Netting Applications

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Understanding Netting as a Type of Filter

We provide custom netting solutions for industry. If you think about mesh netting, it is really a type of filter. Some things are allowed to pass through while other things are blocked. All that is required is the appropriate mesh specific to the application and a means to rig it. When you are looking for ideas beyond one-size-fits-all solutions.

Physical Filters - Will stop physical objects like an insect, a falling hammer, or even dust while still allowing air flow, and less resistance to wind. Examples:

  • HVAC pre-filters to reduce costs for servicing, filter changes, & energy savings
  • Construction netting to contain dropped objects
  • Personal fall protection
  • Vat covers for wineries
  • Safe zones for workers in malarial countries
  • Entomology experiments & Insectaries
  • Segregate warehouse from insects (Health Dept)

Optical Filters - For shade, projection mapping screens, and concealment.

  • Shade Screens
  • Sniper Hides for US Special Forces
  • Privacy mesh for top secret equipment
  • Shade Mesh panels
  • Projection screens

Hydro Filtration - When water must flow through a physical barrier to unwanted objects.

  • Oil Spill Curtain to catch tar balls
  • Segregate baby eels from hungry adults
  • Grow algae to oxygenate water for water treatment facility

Oil Spill "Sea Curtain"
Example of Concept to Custom Construction

Yep, it's just a big filter blocking subsurface tar balls while allowing water to pass. We just need a mesh strong enough with the appropriate hole size and a secure way to rig it.

construction netting

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