Why choose our Gazebo Screens? | Mosquito Curtains
Why Choose Our Gazebo Screens?

Why choose our Gazebo Screens?

We make the best Mosquito Curtain product available!

When you are investing in your own comfort it's important to ensure you find a product that will last from a company who is there to help you and will stand by their products.

Fast Delivery! - Most orders received in 7-10 days!

Only High Quality Materials

We don't skimp on materials. We've been improving our products for the last 10 years based on feedback from customers. We only use the best materials to create our product so that it will last.

  • Will stand up to weathering
  • Solution dyed so it won't fade
  • Made of 100% Polyester so it won't rot like Nylon or cotton
  • California fire rated

Mosquito curtain overview

Quality of materials


Our mesh is not the cheap stuff you get at the big box retailers near you. Our mesh will hold up to the wind and weather. Our mesh is so strong that our weakest mesh will even hold up one of our 240lb employees without breaking.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If there are any problems with your curtain, we will resolve it quickly to your satisfaction. We sincerely want you happy and we believe you don't want us to lose money. You will know if the curtain does not meet your expectations soon after receiving them. While mosquito curtains are designed to last, we would like any returns to be made within 4 weeks. With care, Mosquito Curtains will last about 4-8 years and Clear Vinyl curtains about 4-6 years (longer with excellent care).

We ask you to please be careful with your measurements! We recognize that ordering such a product online is new to many of you and perhaps a bit of a challenge. If there are any mis-cuts, we won't ask who, what or why. We will simply correct the error to your satisfaction or you return the curtain for a complete refund of your purchase (not including original or return shipping charges) within 4 weeks of your purchase date. It is an easy guarantee to make since after more than 40,000 orders, we've had only a handful of returns.

Solid customer service, is not only the ethical way to run a business, it makes for loyal customers who tell their friends. We are highly passionate about our product and our family business. We make people happy to maintain that unflinching passion. We provide outstanding service as much for ourselves as we do it for our good clients. In our world, no dollar is worth the price of honor. Our experience has been that you believe that too!

We want you happy, then we'll make you curtains you will love.

We're a small family business

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