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Selecting the right mesh is easy and the first step in combating mosquitos, optimizing air flow, and blocking harsh sunlight. Color and mesh density are the key factors when evaluating options and are described in greater detail below.

Heavy Mosquito Mesh (black)

Heavy Mosquito Mesh has the best air flow with a hole count of 230 holes per sq inch in a rectangular grid pattern that will also stop small gnats and black flies (all flies except "no-see-ums"). If you don't have no-see-um biting flies or don't require shade, this is the mesh to choose.

When to choose Mosquito Netting
  • Want maximum air flow
  • Do not require shade
  • Do not have tiny biting flies called no-see-ums

No-See-Um Mesh (black)

No-see-um Mesh looks more like a gorgeous black "sheet material" with an 800+ hole count used in coastal areas with extremely tiny biting flies known as no-see-ums (because they are too small to see).

When to choose No-See-Um Netting
  • Only when you have this type of tiny fly
  • Otherwise, we recommend Mosquito Netting Mesh for better air flow

Shade Mesh (black)

Our Shade Mesh is a unique weave and blocks both insects and 80% of the sunlight with excellent visibility looking out but can be a heavy dark look from the outside looking in. The opaqueness, when outside looking in, also offers a bit of privacy to block prying eyes.

When to choose Shade Mesh Netting
  • When you want to take the edge off the harsh sun
  • Yet maintain excellent clarity looking out
  • Provides privacy from outside eyes
  • Want to Block wind (tricky so call for help)
  • Black only Very heavy appearance from outside looking in

Projection Screen Mesh (white)

Host outdoor movies events. Project on garages, over pools, on the lawn, or anywhere else you can hang out mesh. Our white mesh preserves the natural colors of the video or film and is light weight and easy to set up and tear down.

Why us?

Durable and will last vs competitors

Our mesh is made with the highest quality Marine-grade materials. It is designed to withstand tough conditions and outlast the competition. We guarantee our products and are confident you will love your new screens season after season.

Stronger, Higher Quality, Durable
Quality of Material
Optical Qualities

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