Mosquito Curtains Customer Reviews
"We make you happy, then we make you a quality product you will love!"


American Farmhouse

Mosquito Curtains review 1We have an old farm house with a nice front porch, but for a couple months every summer we couldn't enjoy it because of the mosquitos. This spring we ordered our curtains from you, they are  everything you advertised.  The installation was easy, and we have had dinner on the porch more times already this year then ever before.  I have told all of our friends about your product and your family run business.  Walt and Karen Skandia, Michigan. 

Historic District

Mosquito Curtains review 1Thanks for all your support and guidance!  Everything went very smoothly!  Living in the northeast, the weather tends to limit our front porch enjoyment, particularly when mosquitos and flies are prevalent - we have used our porch more in the last 2 weeks than ever!  Also, our house is 100 years old this year, located on a nice quiet residential street where all the houses are historic and well-kept.  These curtains blend right in, as evidenced by the photos. GREAT product! Best regards:  Tom

G'day Mate reviews reviews 1To the Mosquito Curtain team, My girlfriend and I live in Townsville, Australia which has its fair share of Saltwater Crocodiles, flies and mosquitos. We couldn’t do much about the salties but we felt we could about the insects. To cut a long story short we ordered what we needed on the very user friendly and comprehensive website and two weeks later we installed it one Sunday afternoon in true Aussie style whilst enjoying several ice cold beers. We now enjoy those ice cold beers in an insect free environment!! Your product and service is superb, several mates might now be going down the same path after our last BBQ. Thank you. Cheers

Happy Couple reviews reviews 1The curtains turned out great.  They are well-made and beautiful.  Your website videos answered every question. Installation was easy. You were wonderful to deal with. Last evening, my wife and I sat out on our porch.  Our grandson stopped by for a minute and stood outside the screens just to say "Hello."  Mosquitos immediately swarmed around him and he was swatting them like crazy until he left (very quickly). We sat on the porch without seeing a single mosquito. The real test was sitting on the porch after dark with the bright lights on - an open lunch invitation to the mosquitos.  NOT ONE made it through the curtains.  Without the curtains we wouldn't have lasted a minute. Thank you for an excellent product and being a company that DELIVERS on its promises. Bill Metter Wausau, Wisconsin

Smokin Happy reviews reviews 1
Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how the job came out. Suffice it to say, I am extremely happy with the outcome. All the adjustments came out just as I wished, and the curtains are performing as advertised. I am really impressed with the magnetic closure system. It works perfectly. The dog learned how to use them in the first hour. I have attached some pictures so you can see how it turned out. (The background is all white because of the smoke from a number of forest fires burning in our area.) Thanks so much for all your efforts. You guys really have the process down. You can list me as a happy customer. Best Regards, Bill Houston

Passing It On

Mosquito Curtains review 2Hi Steve, finally got the curtains up and absolutely love them!!! Had lots of compliments and passed on your name! Thank you for the great service! Russell and Andrea Martin

Can I Sell These in Hawaii? reviews 2Aloha from Hawaii, This product is amazing! What a fantastic look. Everything came exactly as ordered and very high quality. It took one day to install it. I will be spending most of my time outside in my lanai now. I am sold on this product and I love the family feel you give the business! I will be ordering another set for my garage in the next couple of weeks. I retired early but it's hard to not stay busy! Do you have any distributors on the Hawaiian Islands? I can see everyone wanting something like this including large businesses. Now that I see how it works, how to measure, how to plan, etc. it's really a piece of cake, just like everything else, as long as you plan and prepare the right way the first time. I would be interested in starting a business selling and installing this product across the islands. Any interest? Mike, HI

Great Doing Business With You reviews 2Hi Steve, I finished up my curtain install and was able to enjoy it on both days this past weekend. The product arrived promptly and was exactly as we had discussed. I am hoping to have many years of added enjoyment as a result of this investment. I already have a neighbor interested and will be forwarding your contact information if he wants to move forward. Attached are a few pictures of the finished product. Hope to see them up on your website. Glad to promote your product. Once again it was great doing business with you and I will certainly promote your product. regards, Kevin McNabb

Community Pool

Mosquito Curtains review 3We wanted to send a photo of the finished project of the pavilion at Highland Reserve.  While we didn’t complete the installation in the manner which we originally envisioned, we think we improved upon it.  The curtains are stationery, they open at all four walkways.  Your team did a superb job of making the custom opening for the fireplace with our measurements while not losing the integrity of the fireplace.  We have had two Friday night resident gatherings and a Saturday event to say thank you to our local firefighters.  We have used the pavilion more in the past month than we did all last summer, thanks to our new Mosquito Curtains.  Thank you Curt to you and your team. We appreciate how easy you made this purchase and this installation for a bunch of “retired day laborers”.

North GA reviews 3Hi Kurt and Gary,
I want to thank you and all the Mosquito Curtain team.  You guys did a wonderful job delivering to me all the makings of a really ideal new front porch.  It fits perfectly and it has given our home a new dimension of pleasure, value and coziness,  as well as complete protection from those nasty biting insects that had previously made the space completely uninhabitable during warm weather.  We take comfort in it every day.
Hope you had a very successful season. With best wish and high regards, JZ

Texas reviews 3 Mosquito Curtains review 4WOWSERRRRRR! I placed my order and received my custom curtains in less than 10 business days. They were measured and sewn perfectly according to the measurements I provided. I was able to install the curtains in less than 6 hours TOTAL! The ordering process was a cinch and the installation was equally easy. I highly recommend THIS company to anyone that is considering putting up some easy to use patio curtains. The product is very nice looking, extremely durable, and the workmanship is TOP-NOTCH!. You will not find a more qualified and buyer-friendly bunch than the folks at Mosquito Curtains!

An American Porch reviews 4 Mosquito Curtains review 5Hi Kurt,  Thanks for taking care of the snap tool refund. That tool definitely made things much easier. I'm definitely pleased with the curtains but much more importantly, my wife loves them!  Here are some pictures for you. I will recommend your product to anyone who asks.   Thanks again,  Irv

We are looking for more "flagged" porches to add to our gallery. All Countries invited.....Especially you, Canadians? We have curtains on porches in in 45 countries from 6 continents...sorry Antarctica.

A Canadian Porch reviews 5 reviews 5Hi, We just installed our curtains on a section of our porch and are very pleased. We are now considering installing curtains on the adjoining section. Installation went well, we were very pleased. Thanks for all of your help, Kurt, and for a great product!  We have used our porch more in the past week than we did all last summer. Love it!

And I don't write reviews...

Mosquito Curtains review 6Hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you know that I completed putting up the mosquito curtains.  They look great!  My wife loves it and can not wait to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and enjoy the cooler fall weather that is coming, without the nuisance of the bugs.  The quality of the product was excellent.  Much better than I expected.  Once I put up the black mesh, it seemed to disappear. The elastic bands on the corners makes a big difference.  It gives the corners a much sharper look.  I would consider changing the clasps on the elastic to ones that are similar to a clasp on a dogs leash with a push down button... The fact that you can remove the mesh curtain for winter storage or for repairing or painting your porch by sliding it off the track is a great feature.  I am not one for writing a review, but I was so impressed with this product that I had to write one. Sincerely, Wayne

This was the easiest home construction project that I have ever tackled reviews reviews 7 You are all to be commended from start to finish. Your designers and engineers have thought out all the steps needed. Your ordering process was simple showing me how to plan, measure and order the curtains. I am impressed that your design team knew that my lanai would be slanted away from the house making the outer curtains longer than the ones attached to the house, with slanted bottom edge for side curtains. When I phoned to be sure that my order was well understood, I met Steve. He intently listened to me, understood my projects, understood my questions and clearly responded with professionalism and courtesy. He gave me great advice and treated me as if I was his most important customer at that moment.

Mosquito NO Vacancy

mosquito curtains reviews reviews 7Thanks for all u r help on this Arron , as u can see it turned out pretty dam nice. Very happy with the curtain and now the Mosquitos will have to find somewhere else to go . Lol. Thanks again. Thane

Voting With My Wallet reviews 8Kurt, I am so pleased with the mosquito curtains. Your choice of email is really appropriate since it is exactly how it feels. I put so much work into designing this porch, and your product was perfect.

Now, can you set me up with the clear vinyl winter panels, same way? Feel free to post my photo. Chuka

Very Happy after 5yrs

mosquito curtains reviews 8Our 5th season of use. Your wonderful service and quality of product has transformed our deck into the favorite room at the cottage. So simple but so awesome. Open and close the screens in under one minute. We have extreme weather conditions here on the Northumberland Strait / west side of Prince Edward Island , Canada. Your screens still look like new in spite of strong winds carrying salt and sand spray continually. Feel free to use this as a testimonial. Many Thanks. Eric.

Lovely Victorian reviews reviews 9insect curtainsHi Steve - Here are a few pictures of the mosquito netting - we're getting a lot of compliments. And, requests for the website - definitely solves porch screening issues!

More of a Need Than a Want

I just called to order some extra parts I needed to complete the installation of my curtains.  I had to stop and take time to email you guys.  I have to say that I'm extremely satisfied with every step of this process....from the ordering, to the installation (with awesome videos) the customer service.  If you would like a more formal testimonial from me, I'd be happy to supply you with one.  My wife is allergic to bees and my daughter is battling cancer right now.  The doctors are strongly advising her to stay indoors all summer because a mosquito carrying some funky disease could kill her right now (immune system is wiped from chemo).  So these curtains were a huge blessing, as she will not spend a large chunk of her summer on our nice porch with her new Maltese puppy (Angel)---so these curtains were more of a "need" than a "want". I'm a realtor in Wausau, Wisconsin and have already told two of my buyers about your product.  My father was also impressed and I'll probably be ordering some curtains for his deck/porch.  I'll send you photos of my project after it is 100% completed. Thank you , thank you, thank you....ingenious idea....well executed!

USDA Bee Study

Patio screenKurt- bees are happily flying, foraging and nesting this past week in the cage, with no escapes once we plugged the wee holes at the tops of the zippers.  Those zippers, BTW, slide beautifully, valuable when you only have one hand free when exiting the cage.   Light transmission is excellent, and there seems to be no impedence of air flow with the cooling system. Pictures are tricky in the confined space, but here is an example. Yours, Jim Cane USDA-ARS Utah

"Air traffic Control" odd shaped panels (see outer corners)

Patio screenPatio screenHi Kurt. The mosquito curtain is in and looks great!!! Installation was actually quite easy. Thanks again for your quick response....We are thoroughly enjoying the space. We have not had dinner in the house since it was installed. Michael T.

The awning top takes a path 14" outside the railing. The panels are slanted in and hang on the inside of the railing. These cuts are very unusual to make this look like slanted windows similar to an air traffic control tower.

A Warm Football Season

restaurant plastic panelsrestaurant plastic panelsThe installation was easy. I have a up right propane heater on the porch which we used to have to run on high when it is cold, now with the curtains up it has yet to go past low.

Dog Lovers

Patio screenWell my friend all the netting is up and working fantastically and looks super!!   I am very pleased with it and even with three openings the dogs have found their way in and out with no problems, and the netting closes right behind them. You have a very happy customer and there has already been some interest from my neighbors who I will for sure send them your way. Thank you for all you patience in completing this project and help in getting it right.

A Gift From One Good Friend To Another

screen room mosquito netting 4Thank you so much for helping me on this project for my good friends, it really came out excellent everyone was impressed by the quality and the neatness of the curtains. My friends were very grateful! Essam

Nature Lovers

insect curtainsI wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new mosquito curtains. We can finally sit outside and enjoy nature. My wife can’t stop talking about how great the curtains are. It is such a weird feeling to sit outside, under our covered patio,  and not see all the bugs. We have had the curtains up for one week now and NO bugs have penetrated our little sanctuary. I just walked around our little lake here and saw one of my neighbors with a fogger gun trying to get rid of the mosquito’s. I couldn’t have been more excited to tell him to “come down to our place and check out our new mosquito curtains”. Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied and will pass along your website to my neighbors. Thanks again.

Creative Lady

Patio screenHi Kurt, love the curtains. Fairly easy to install and no mosquitos. Thanks for all the help. This woman was very imaginative and noticed a track attachment surface in between, and above, the lower double header beams. By the way, these lovely well designed and priced cedar pergolas are available through Lawn Masters who sells them at many Home Depot Stores.

Great Product

Just a short note to say i've installed your system & am very happy. I have a friend that has an upholstrey shop & she can't believe the quality of the curtains & the stitching. Good work.

British Columbia

insect curtainsThank you everyone at Mosquito Curtains. We installed our new mosquito curtain and have been enjoying it for a few days. The black faced hornets are frustrated by day, and the mosquitoes are frustrated in the evening. It is so nice to sit out these beautiful early fall days and enjoy our mountain view!

We have had company over and they have marvelled at the light airy feeling of our screen enclosure. You may hear from them over the winter, as they have all been troubled by insects at their own homes and thought this was a great solution. Thanks again for helping us gain our outdoor freedom. David and Marilyn

British Columbia

insect curtainsinsect curtainsHello Kurt, Here are some pictures.  I really enjoy the look of the room plus it blocks the cold when I open the back door. Great plus! Eve

Oh Canada

insect curtainsHi Kurt,   I have just come in from our bug free carport to thank you again for the Mosquito Curtain. This is the first warm and humid day we have had this year. The mosquitoes nearly carried me away while I was gardening so I put the tools away and sat down on the swing in the carport.

Winterized Screened Porch

insect curtainsI live in northern Illinois and my home is in the middle of corn fields so it gets very windy in the winter (and cold). Outside air temp was 45 today, but inside my porch it was 78 which is what I was hoping for. Calling for our 1st snow tomorrow, glad I got the porch finished in time! So are the pets! Thanks again, Kelly

PVC Frame

insect curtainsinsect curtainsHi Kurt, Just wanted to thank you again for your precise cuts on the weirdly-shaped screened patio.  It came out just great, and we've been using the patio regularly, now that the mosquitoes, bees, and flies are outside looking in. I'm very pleased with the results. Considering I was getting quotes around $15-20K to put in a similarly-sized screened porch, this really is a bargain!


restaurant plasticrestaurant plastic Hi Kurt,  Thanks for the clear plastic winter window panels. Initially, we debated black webbing vs white on these but the black frames the windows nicely and we don't have to worry about soiling.

Just Pretty Photos

restaurant plasticrestaurant plastic We love the curtains. Everyone was sooo helpful and installing was trouble-free.
They are so durable that I’ll bet they will last many years.

Mahalo from Maui!

insect curtainsDear Mosquito Curtains, Our little curtain turned out greatthank you so much! It's been so nice to enjoy the view without the unwanted company of mosquitos! Thought you might find this idea interesting for the bottom edge, we are going to try velcro-ing little sandbags to the bottom edge of the curtain (a boat-cover trick).  If it still needs elastic cords in the corner, we'll installthe hooks in the floor, after the deck is tiled.  Amy & David.

Gone Sailing

restaurant plasticrestaurant plasticThanks again for your help.  We’ll definitely recommend you if we get a chance. Regards, Ron

A Bugless Ball Game

insect curtainsYes, last night was fantastic.  Watched the baseball game with out a single bug.  It’s going to be June bug time soon and we’ll be glad to avoid that.  Made a small pet door flap in one of the corners using a snap.  Dogs and cat took right to it.  We are very happy.

Orchid Grower

insect curtainsI have the vinyl curtains up and they look great, and fit also. I could not be more pleased. Thanks for all of your help on my order. One question: What should we use to clean them, and to keep them looking good. Thanks Don! Glad we got them straightened out. We use a product called 210 and we get it at West Marine. It's a great cleaner and it also adds UV protection. We'll offer the cleaner in the near future when we get license.


restaurant plasticHey guys, Great job on the arches. Thought we'd share these photos with you for the website. We are really happy now that we can use this space year round. Our neighbors should be calling in an order soon. Michelle.

Great Product

insect curtainsThank you, Steve for a great product.  We have been able to re-claim our porch in the evenings.   Your customer service is second to none!

Thanks, Dave

Hail Storm

mosquito netting blackOn Wednesday this week, we had just left with some friends to go out for supper. About a half mile from home, an "unexpected" hail storm hit. We had visions of the roof panel ripped to shreds, since the hail stones were at least quarter size. All I could think about was having to replace the screens.  2 hours later, we returned and to our surprise and "RELIEF" there were no holes or rips anywhere!!! As you can see in the pictures, the piles of hail must have been pretty big right after the storm. It was around 80 degrees so they had melted a lot in 2 hours. Your netting is definitely "Heavy Duty".

Entertainment Pavilion North Dakota

screen porch 12Thanks for the will be getting more work up here. They liked them so much, they want vinyl to cover our sound booth and perhaps the back of this structure.

Great Product

insect curtainsSteve, Could not be happier! What a great product. Top quality materials, superior customer service and simple homeowner installation. Thanks for all your guidance and help. Jim


insect curtainsinsect curtainsHere are some shots of our awesome mosquito curtain.  You can see the corner column and the different height ceilings that was so difficult .  Do you think I should install marine snaps instead of using the tether clips?  You all did a great job helping and I am so appreciative.  I have already had several people ask me where I got them.

Happy Happy

insect curtainsinsect curtainsI cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with my project! I had a professional home builder friend install my vinyl and he was totally impressed at how perfect the measurements were and how easy it was to install. He has already told his neighbor about you and you will probably be getting an order for a larger project from her! Thanks very much.


Hello Folks, I just finished installing the replacement curtain you sent and want to tell you how perfect it is.  We are so happy with the end result.  We feel like we added another room to our home.  The new curtain touches the floor just as it should and we can now install a few marine snaps to hold it in place.  Since we received our first order, we have sat on our patio daily which is quite a change from past years.  We had a deer run thru our yard this morning while we were sitting on the patio. It wasn’t 15 yards from us! A number of our friends have come over and are so impressed with the curtains and their effectiveness.  Most of the visitors are amazed how you really don’t “see” the curtain when you look out.  Again we want to thank you for replacing the first curtain due to its length.  I will definitely tell all of our visitors how easy you folks were to work with.   Two happy customers, Ferdinand, IN 47532

Clear Vinyl Winter Curtains

insect curtainsinsect curtains“Kurt  thanks for my  winter curtains.  They are much more than I anticipated and exactly what I was looking for.  They were simple to install and they look great.  I am totally satisfied.  Thanks again for all your help.  I would definitely recommend this product to everyone looking to winterize their patio addition.”

Blast from the past

Dear Matt: We just completed our third summer of enjoying our Mosquito Curtains on our deck up here in Wisconsin north woods.  Just wanted to let you know that if it were not for your wonderful curtains, we would have not been able to enjoy summer outdoors especially this year.  Record rain amounts made for billions of mosquitos morning, noon and night!  The ease of putting them up and then taking them down in the fall is absolutely great!  So, today, when we were in the process of taking them down I thought of how much we appreciate them and just wanted to share our complete satisfaction with you! Thanks much!


insect curtainsKurt, Here is a night shot of the curtains you sent to us last week. Covering the entire courtyard opening had the effect that I wanted and made it a cozy area for guests at dinner. If you remember (see shot on your home page), we had originally only covered the side openings. Hope you like the look as well. We are once again very happy, satisfied customers of Mosquito Curtains.

New Brunswick

insect curtainsHello Kurt,   Recently, I hosted a couple of large groups for a BBQ in my backyard and received a lot of compliments for the mosquito curtains. A few asked where I got the curtains and how they could order. So you may get some more business from New Brunswick Canada.

My wife and I are delighted with the results, and at a fraction of the cost of a less preferable option would have been. Thank you for your helpful advice, courteous service and prompt delivery.

Consistent Service

I have had your mosquito curtains hung for four years now in Beverly Shores, Indiana, and they are still working well.  We are able to enjoy the evenings without fear of mosquitos.  When I have needed extra parts you guys have been great at resolving my problems and sending me replacement items like magnets and marine snaps.  It is infrequently that one encounters such an upright company, especially via the internet.  Thanks so much for being there when we needed you.  I recommend you to all my neighbors.

Clear Vinyl

insect curtainsI can't express to you how happy my wife and I are with new clear vinyl winterized panels.  Everything went exactly as you advertise.  It was so easy to install that it turned out to actually be FUN.  Everything was included and I didn't have to make a single trip to Home Depot to get parts to complete the project.  It took only a few hours to install.  Your competition should just close up shop . . . they simply can't compete in price, quality, service, or support.  You were less than half the price and delivered in a quarter of the time.  They wanted 30 days to deliver and you only took seven days . . . unbelievable!!!!!  We are hosting a Christmas family get together on Christmas day and thanks to you we can have everybody on the patio.

BC Canada

Hello Gary, just thought we would drop you a line after spending two weeks at our cabin (kids, grandkids and dogs) Everyone just loved the new enclosed space.  We had all our meals on the deck and some nights sat out there until 9-10 o’clock.  We even sat out there through a thunder and lightening storm one night.   We could never have done that without the mosquito netting.  The bugs as usual were bad. Our 18 month old granddaughter had no trouble opening and closing the door – don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing when we want to keep track of her.  It was a great investment and thank you for your attentiveness throughout the process.

Skeptic Turned Believer

Earlier this year I realized that I needed to do something that would allow my wife and I the ability to enjoy our back porch and not be driven off by the small, black mosquitos.  For the better part of the 20 years we have lived in our house the back porch was off limits due to the aggressive little biters. I found your company searching the Internet and purchased the mosquito netting system.  I remained skeptical for a while after installing the curtains, which was extremely easy.  But after several weeks of mosquito free use of the porch we have become believers of your product and have recommended it to many of our friends. Thank you so much for giving us a place to enjoy the outdoors without the penalty of the aggravating insect bites.

Clear Vinyl

insect curtainsThis was one of the best things we have ever spent are mony on. Kevin.

Sarcastically Satisfied (funny)

I am writing in response to the service i received several weeks ago from one of your employees Gary Richmond. During the initial contact and subsequent emails back and forth to finalize my design, I was very uncomfortable with Gary's responsiveness and full knowledge of the product. We exchanged ideas on how to best install the product and finalized a solution. I was very disappointed when he called me several times to clarify any issues and finally take my order. He was also very dishonest in setting delivery expectationsthe products arrived in half the time he stated...

Seriously, I am extremely impressed with the support Gary provided. He was constantly providing alternative methods (thinking out of the box) during the design of my curtain system and walked me step by step to ensure my order was complete. It has become commonplace to receive mediocre support these days, but your company has raised the bar in supporting it's customers. Due to my very busy schedule, i have not yet fully installed the entire product, but after inspecting the contents of my shipment, i know I have received quality components. I am very exited to complete the installation this weekend and showcase my patio to friends and neighbors. I am planning on providing Gary several photo's of the before/after installation. Thank you for a great product and support, Dan Saez

Hey Dan, Thanks for the note on Gary's delinquent service. We have fired him and he'll have to go back to living under that bridge again. We also beat his ass as he left and everyone took a turn shouting, "You disappointed Dan!" We did send him off with a bottle of cologne to help him with his chances of finding another job. I look forward to your photos and our family sincerely hopes your family is happy with the product. Kurt

Extremely Impressed

insect curtainsHi Kurt,   Kurt,I know I’m pretty late getting these to you, but I figured better late than never! I got everything installed, and I’ve used them a few times. I’m extremely impressed! They make a world of difference when the mosquitos start to come out in the evening! I can actually use the porch after the sun goes down now!...Jason

Sleeping Outside

Hi Kurt, I hope everything is going well with you and your family. Please find attached my story, including a few pictures. We ordered before and we are extremely happy with your service, quality and simplicity of design. Within a couple of hours of receiving the shipment, we had a whole “new” outdoors living space. We now spend most of our days there (we are more or less retired –at least during the summer months.) It is unbelievably relaxing, peaceful just lying down and listening to music and watching our ravine beyond our backyard. Because we don’t have to fight bugs, we sometimes just fall asleep there. Thank you very much for all you are doing, I hope everyone hears about what you do, and I hope you prosper in your enterprise. Regards, Jim (ON, Canada)

Worth Every Penny

I want to let you know that we love our curtains. This is the first year that we actually sat outside our backyard and were not bitten to death with mosquitoes. Thanks to our beautiful curtains!!! They not only do the job of   keeping the nasty mosquitoes out but also look beautiful. There are certain things we spend our money on and say to ourselves, "that was not worth it", but with the mosquitoes curtains, "WORTH EVERY PENNY" Can you tell me the best way to wash them?

Clear Vinyl

Thank you for the follow-up email about the snap tool.  I should have taken a picture during the winter.  We had one of the worst winters on record in Maryland.  We were able to use our porch all winter long because of the protection and insulation the vinyl Mosquito Curtains provide.  This last month as spring arrived, our porch temperature has been warmer than our actual house temperature. A fantastic product!


I'm in love with the Mosquito Curtains. We live in Norfolk, Virginia, which is part of the Great Dismal Swamp. The mosquitoes can be quite vicious here, but so can the hurricanes. Mosquito Curtains are an awesome convertible solution, easy up for protection against mosquitoes and easy down for the hurricanes. The quality and workmanship was superb. The website was quite informative with all the photos and videos. The production and shipping was super fast. The printed instructions included useful tips like heating a screwdriver to reseal the cut after the magnet insertion. We are extremely pleased with the product.

Sorry, Not for us

Dear Kurt, While we love the quality curtains, we don't really have an insect problem and were hoping these would block our viscious 80mph Oklahoma winds that toss our patio furniture and they don't do the job. How do I return them?

Our curtains aren't meant to be a wind block. In fact, they are designed for wind speeds below 20mph for tracking attachment and 40mph for Velcro® attachment with an outside hang. Biting insects are unable to fly at wind speeds above 15.6 mph according to our entomologist friends at the USDA. If using tracking, open the curtains in a strong wind and enjoy the fresh air. I'm sorry we must not have explained this well enough on the website. We will address it next update. Please return the curtains to us and we will refund your money...just like we promised.


insect curtainsinsect curtainsWe like the screens very much and have shown to neighbors and friends. We have struggled with the decision of screening in our porch because we like the openness and our the view. By choosing the Mosquito Curtains we are enjoying the best of both worlds. Thanks for your help. Support after the sale was just as important as being satisfied with the curtains. We wouldrecommend the curtains to others.

To The Family at MC's

Hello Denise, Kurt, Everett, Isabella, Patrick and everyone else! Just wanted to let you know that the curtains fit perfectly considering the odd measurements we had to deal with! And they look great too! I had ‘stumbled’ across your site looking for a solution for my particular awning and even first considered making them myself. I can sew and am a hacker at heart.  But, hey, why reinvent the wheel??  But spending close to $1000, ‘blind’ off the web can sometimes be a scary thing. I think the fact that you are a family-run business is what really sold me: I knew that attention to detail and service would be paramount! And I was not wrong.

Your presentation, product, quality and attention to detail were excellent! And I really appreciated the personal call-back from you and Kurt ‘just to make sure’ of the odd dimensions of the panels. I suspect that I will soon become a reseller too. Not that I necessarily want to – but I’m sure that everyone I know will be asking me where I got them and if they can get them too! There are very few places – especially here in the greater Montreal area – that sells curtains like these at such reasonable prices. I do need another hobby so what the heck! PS: Tell Isabella and Patrick that they did an excellent job! Quebec , Canada


Black openHi Kurt, I would like to thank you for all your help in the planning of the mosquito curtain for our cabin in the Yukon. We just spent a week out at our remote cabin and the new curtain made a huge difference in our enjoyment of the cabin. Your additional advise on sizing worked perfectly. My wife says a special thanks as we now spend early morning and evenings using the extra space on the deck. Thanks again for all your support and advice. doug

A Life Saver (Navy SEAL)

hello, my name is XXXXX,  i am hoping that your company can provide a solution to my dilemma. I am navy seal stationed in YYYYY and i am soon deploying back to iraq. We are looking for a company that can provide us with mosquito netting.  we use mosquito netting to conceal us when we are inside buildings it make it very difficult to see into the rooms where we are setting up our hides and it cuts down on the glare immensely.

We played with various curtain meshes and made double ply curtains that had qualities that would enable him to see out but would block the visibility into his concealment position. We donated curtains to this particular soldier as we didn't want his safety to depend on one minute of procurement bureaucracy. This was his response:

Hey kurt, sorry i am so late in replying to you, i have been in iraq for about a month re-enlisting.  your stuff was amazing, i cant talk enough about it. I'm sure it probably saved my skin a few times to.  we had people so close to the hide site that i was sure that we were busted but they never saw us.  the stuff worked great also, i was able to try all the methods of attachment that we spoke about and they all worked great.  the magnet worked every time i needed them to and so did the screw in buttons.  it was great, i got into some trouble on one occasion and had to leave in a real hurry.  i happened to be using the magnets at the time and it was awesome.  i just grabbed and yanked and i was gone in 2 minutes.  fabulous. i shot through it on a number of occasions and it didn't affect the bullet flight in any way what so ever.  i loved the stuff.  if you want to get ahold of me again, then just email me back whenever you want to, i'll try and be more prompt about replying to you.  thanks again Kurt, your stuff was a real lifesaver (literally). Sincerely, XXXXXXX