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    Mosquito Curtains Alternative to Permanent Screening

    We wanted to create a high quality, low cost alternative that in many ways has desireable advantages over a traditional screen porch. We focus on is VALUE which means high quality at an affordable price. In fact, most folks don't appreciate the deep levels of quality that go into this product. We use stainless steel screws, marine grade thread, durable quality mesh and webbing that will not fade. Curtains self- install in an afternoon with household tools and very modest DIY skills. We want our good clients to say, WOW! better than I thought and pat themselves on the back for making a smart purchase.

    What is the Cost to Screen A Porch or Patio With Traditional Framed Screening?

    The cost to screen a patio or porch can vary depending upon the quality of materials and the methods you use. Traditional screen porches depending upon the complexity can cost anywhere between $8-12 per square foot depending upon the cost of skilled labor in your area. A 35ft wide x 9ft tall project would cost between $2,500 & $4,000 installed by a professional. The Mosquito Curtain alternative for the same would cost just $769 for tracking option and $591 for the fixed Velcro® option.

    We find that if you do it right, you do it once. The mosquito netting fabric readily available in the market just isn't good enough for what we want to offer. We custom-loom our netting using only marine grade materials and fasteners. Our Mosquito curtain systems are about 1/3 the cost of traditional framed screening but with the overhead tracking system you are able to draw them open for decorative swags.
    Our clientele comes from both directions. We cater to high end homes with porches too beautiful to permanently screen and we do plenty of apartments and smaller homes since we are a lower cost to screen porch with great value. If you want a permanent screened patio or porch, God bless you. We want you to have what is right for you. If you want a low cost to screen patio solution to keeping insects off your porch, we're here to help.