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Kurt Jordan Kurt Jordan
 Co-Owner & Client Satisfaction

 Redondo Beach, CA
 The next kid who puts a tack on my seat,
  is gonna get it!
Elizabeth Jordan Elizabeth Jordan
 Co-Owner & Design

 Marietta, GA
 When you're happy, sing loud...
 When you're sad, sing louder
Steve Rier Steve Rier
 Forever Our Brother and Friend

 Wayland, MA
 We are deeply saddened to say that Steve
 has left this world, too young & too kind.
Patrick Jordan Patrick Jordan
 Stockroom Boy & Poet
 Atlanta, GA
 Union meeting after school.
 Working boy in a family business
Isabella Jordan Isabella Jordan
 Folding & Curtain Hugger

 Atlanta, GA
 Without me, this business ain't nothin'
 Working girl in a family business
Aaron Gorecki Aaron Gorecki
 Planner & Operations Manager

 South Chicago, IL
 Women dig men who can polka.
Matt Rier Matt Rier
 Planning, Technology & Nephew

 Framingham, MA
 Let's get this order right, guys.
Cindy Rier John Hubay
 Planning & in-law of Aaron

 Geneva, IL
 If women don't find you handsome, they  should at least find you handy.
Juan Mittoo Juan Mittoo
 Production Mgr. & Spiritual Beacon

 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
 What you do for others, you do for me.
Heather Evans Heather Evans
 Sales Assistant & Niece

 Portland, ME
 Let's move it boys, or I'll brain you.
Gary Richmond Gary Richmond
 Planner & Contruction Specialist

 Cleveland, OH
 Kiss my tail feathers Mr. Cancer
Gregorio Gonzalez Gregorio Gonalez
 Mechanic & Strong Guy

 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
 Wanna arm wrestle?
Francisco Gonzalez Francisco Gonzalez
 Head Cutter, Sewer & Primo

 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
 I Don't care what the little girl says.
 If I don't make it, you don't get it!
 Phon Chem
 Industrial Sewing

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 You take my picture, I smack you.
Doina Doina Draiman
 Industrial Sewing & Friendly Hugs

 These are invisible glasses and
  I don't see you.
Sinath Tep Sinath Tep
 Industrial Sewing

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 Giggle, more giggle.
Corey Wiley Corey Wiley
 Inspection & adopted son

 Doraville, GA
 No I am not related to the Lucky Charms
 guy and my boss is a big fat jack wagon.
Martin Martin the Dog
 Security & Lady's Man

 Atlanta, GA
 Will someone please let me out to
 powder my wet nose?
Sport Jordan Sport Jordan - Inspiration
 Ravenwood, MO
 There is no such thing as courage
 without fear!

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Duke Jordan Duke Jordan
 Diagrams & Engineering

 Redondo Beach, CA
 There is more than one way to do life.
 Just do it honorably!