4. Sealing Sides

Marine Snaps

screen room fasteners DIY porch screen enclosureThe best way to seal to a wall or column is with our stainless steel marine snaps. The female snap is fastened to any top, side, or bottom binding of a curtain panel in about 3 minutes using a fastening tool that we will provide. The male snap is on a 5/8" inch screw stud which can be screwed into wood surfaces or masonry by using a $4 masonry drill bit and plastic insert casing to receive the screw. Space snaps every 2-4 ft vertically depending upon wind conditions. Fiberglass rods will give you a clean edge when snapping to a vertical surface but are not absolutely necessary as they are with magnetic doorways.

Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

insect curtain snap screened rroms Obviously, you shouldn't screw into vinyl or aluminum siding since it will compromise your water seal. Instead, use our adhesive-backed snaps that adhere very will to these surfaces. Don't be concerned about tiny gaps around the edges A mosquito is D-U-M-B. It smells certain chemicals and vectors right towards you. Insects in search of food vector directly towards the food. Bees, on the other hand, don't see you as food and are geographically oriented. When faced with an obstacle, bees will move laterally. Nonetheless, we want the best seal possible. More about Masonry, Aluminum & Vinyl Siding.

Placing Snaps The Easy Way

If you have a snap intensive project, considering using our industrial snap tool. We charge you $130 and send the tool back for a $130 refund. We aren't trying to sell you the tool, we just want to make your life easier and know that we'll get it back. The tool takes just a few seconds to place a snap and you can place snaps as the curtains hang in place. You can order the tool Online under "Attachments"

All About Marine Snaps & Snap Tools

Direction to Place Snaps for Wind

Using Economy Tool

If you are do not order the industrial snap tool, we will automatically include an economy tool. This tool takes about 3 minutes for each snap and it is easiest if the curtain is laid out on the floor (not hanging).

  • Punch a small hole between the double stitching of the binding
  • Insert button post through hole and overlay the female socket
  • 5 firm hammer strikes will lock button post to socket
  • Snap the binding to the male snap screwed into your wall or column
  • Space vertically every 2-3 ft when securing side binding
  • Best used with fiberglass rods for a clean edge and great seal

Why don't snaps come preset on my curtains?

This is a fair question. The main reason is that we have made it very easy to place snaps (especially with the industrial tool) and you have control to place them precisely where you like and add more if you feel it necessary. Should a snap break, you will know how to repair it without sending curtains back to us. Early on, we had too many situations where we should have placed a snap 2 inches higher, or 3/4" to the right, or snaps should have faced the opposite direction.

Inserting Fiberglass Rods