Mosquito Curtains Porch & Patio Screen Room Solutions
Elegant Affordable Custom-made Mosquito Curtains. Self-install in an Afternoon

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Mosquito Net Screen Room

We have been featured on several home improvement programs including HGTV's I Want That, HGTVs Battle of the Block, DIY TV, Ice My House, Outback Nation, and Bahama Tree House Makeover. The video above is a feature done by CBS that gives a very concise explanation of our family business. We explain how we came up with the idea for mosquito net curtains as a screen room from our own buggy porch and why we didn't want to incur the cost of a permanent framed screen room that would detract from the look we were after.

Mosquito net curtains are a far simpler way to screen a patio with minimal DIY skills using great quality mosquito net curtains at a low cost. Isabella is right. It's easy! Follow the 7 steps and you'll be thumbing your nose at those nasty biting insects that can't get to you and your family. Protect yourself, and those you love!

Want to see a fun slide show on some interesting mosquito history?