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Fixed Awning Screen & Tent Screen Applications

Top attachment is unique and doesn't use track or Velcro®. Instead, we space grommets along the top of the curtain panels that you "zip tie" to the horizontal bar overhead. You can still create magnetic doorways but the curtains won't slide from side to side.

Clients usually select "Black" Mosquito Curtains since they are crystal clear to see through. The best path is to go around the outside of your vertical columns to give your curtains some skeletal structure to brace panels in the wind. Panels should straddle corner columns rather than terminate at corner columns.

You will need our assistance and should NOT order directly online.

How to Prepare for Assistance.

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Aluminum Top Awning Screens

These are best attached using an outside hang with Velcro® tape attachment. the adhesive backed Velcro needs to be applied horizontally just above the peak of a scallop. In addition, we need to protect the netting from rubbing against the bottom edge of the scallop, that over time, is like a knife edge.

We have a special little trick for these where we sew a very heavy 4 inch binding to the top of the curtain that can withstand the sharp edge. You will need to call in this order and simply tell us you have a "Scalloped aluminum awning."

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Why Not Retractable Awnings?

There is no good way to do a retractable awning and still be able to open and close the awning. We've tried, we've even brought one into the shop to test. Each time you retract the awning, you have to completely remove the netting. Round trip for removing and rehanging is about 30 minutes. I promise, you will be wasting your money and will want to throw yourself off a cliff in frustration. The only way to screen a retractable awning and still have the ability to retract the awning is to create a super structure over the awning.

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