3-Sided Exposure - Flat Roof
For Wrap Around Porches, Imagine Another Side and Use These Concepts

About the Diagrams

Your project will consist of 1 or more panels. The configuration diagrams to the right demonstrate general concepts and possibilities from an arial view (plan view or satellite view). You can create any configuration of your choosing using these concepts.

You Will Need Assistance

These are tricky and we want to help. Folks are tempted to track these and split panels for decorative swags at each column. It looks great when the curtains are gathered back into swags, but you'll also be looking at a lot of seams instead of that great view. We have a simpler method that is considerably less expensive. How to prepare.

Remember that the black mosquito mesh is crystal clear to see through. While they won't slide or gather at all using a Fixed Velcro® attachment, in actuality, folks draw curtains far less than they anticipate. The space stays protected at all times.

The challenge is that this is a giant "soup can label" and measurements need to be spot on. In the first diagram, we use a 2 panel configuration with one magnetic split for entry. The other ends overlap a column where we are able to allow for some error equal to the width of the column and still create a seal with marine snaps. While your intuition may fight you on this recommendation, plenty of clients have been very happy with the results and savings.

gazebo nets
First Diagram
gazebo curtains
Velcro Outside
gazebo curtains
Second Diagram
gazebo curtains
Tracking Inside

Configuration Concepts

1 Exposures - Aerial View