3-Sided Exposure - Gabled Roof

The "U-shaped" Exposure
Start with a plan view
1. Switch to side view
2. Measure Exposure
3. Configure panel widths
4. Measurement adjustments
5. Calculate required hardware
6. You are ready to order!

Aerial View of a 3-Sided Exposure(Example)

  • This is an overhead plan view of your project
  • This page will help with understanding measurements
  • This type of order requires assistance. Here's how

2 Exposures - Aerial ViewSide view from inside looking out

1. Create a Side View Diagram

  • Important Use the perspective you are inside your space looking out towards your yard
  • Lay your entire project out on a sheet of paper
  • Work your way from LEFT to RIGHT (good reasons)

2Measure Exposure

2. Measure Height & Width of Entire "Daylight" Exposure

  • Measure along the path that your curtain will take
  • Measure just the "daylight" exposure (inside-to-inside)
  • Write widths of each side in ft-in (i.e. 21-1 means 21ft 1in).
  • Circle the heights at each corner represented in inches
Want to print some graph paper?
Measure exposurearrow 3

3. Measure Width of Each Panel

  • Now add panel widths starting from LEFT to RIGHT. It is up to you where curtain panels start and end. Panel breaks will create a doorway.
  • Try to minimize the number of panels in your project
    • to save cost
    • to have one less opening to seal
    • and to create the most seamless look possible
  • If you have non-rectangular shapes, you must phone in order

garage door screen arrow 1

4. Important Measurement Adjustments (for each panel in project)

Measured Panel Width Width Adjustment
3ft - 5ft add 2 inches
6ft - 10ft add 3 inches
11ft - 15ft add 4 inches
16ft - 20ft add 5 inches
21ft - 30ft add 6 inches
31ft - 40ft add 7 inches
41ft - 50ft add 8 inches
51ft - 60ft add 9 inches
Height Adjustment

For Tracking Option, measure from Track mounting surface to floor with NO Adjustments.

For Fixed Velcro ®, add 2 in or more. to exposed height
  • To overlap top by at least 1 in. for fastening
  • And overlap bottom by 1in.

Ten principles to remember

4 Examples (click images to enlarge and read bottom captions)

screening a gable Gaable screening awning screening

screening for patio screen hot tub screened patio

porch screen insect netting porch screen

Video Example