1-Sided Exposure

Garages, French Doors, Single Exposure Alcoves
Start with a plan view
1. Switch to side view
2. Measure Exposure
3. Configure panel widths
4. Measurement adjustments
5. Calculate required hardware
6. You are ready to order!

Aerial View of a 1-Sided Exposure(Example)

  • This is an overhead plan view of your project
  • Rectangular panels can be easily ordered directly online
  • Sloped or notched panels (non-rectangular) must order by phone

2 Exposures - Aerial ViewSide view from inside looking out

1. Create a Side View Diagram

  • Important Use the perspective you are inside your space looking out towards your yard
  • Lay your entire project out on a sheet of paper
  • Work your way from LEFT to RIGHT (good reasons)

2Measure Exposure

2. Measure Height & Width of Entire "Daylight" Exposure

  • Measure along the path that your curtain will take
  • Measure just the "daylight" exposure (inside-to-inside)
  • Write widths of each side in ft-in (i.e. 16-1 means 16ft 1in).
  • Circle the heights at each corner represented in inches
Measure exposurearrow 3

3. Measure Width of Each Panel

  • Now add panel widths starting from LEFT to RIGHT. It is up to you where curtain panels start and end. Panel breaks will create a doorway.
  • Try to minimize the number of panels in your project
    • to save cost
    • to have one less opening to seal
    • and to create the most seamless look possible
  • If you have non-rectangular shapes, you must phone in order
  • For a 16-0w x 84"h 2-car garage, we recommend a single panel 16-5 wide x 84"h (track) or 86"h (Velcro®)

garage door screenarrow 1

4. IMPORTANT Measurement Adjustments (for each panel)

Measured Panel Width Width Adjustment
3ft - 5ft add 2 inches
6ft - 10ft add 3 inches
11ft - 15ft add 4 inches
16ft - 20ft add 5 inches
21ft - 30ft add 6 inches
31ft - 40ft add 7 inches
41ft - 50ft add 8 inches
51ft - 60ft add 9 inches
Height Adjustment

For Tracking Option, measure from Track mounting surface to floor with NO Adjustments.

For Fixed Velcro ®, add 2 in or more. to exposed height
  • To overlap top by at least 1 in. for fastening
  • And overlap bottom by 1in.

Ten principles to remember

Examples Of Odd Shapes

garage screens Garage screen garage screening

warehouse bay door screensThe video to the right is conceptually the same for all single plane exposures regardless of size. It could be a 6ft wide French door, a 16ft wide garage, or a 40ft wide warehouse.