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Sloped Panels
We can custom cut sloped and notched panels


Roof slopes

Clear Vinyl Enclosures deck insects We can cut almost any geometric shape including sloped panels and we will show you how to prepare your measurements in PLAN where we address both shed roofs and gabled roofs. More odd shapes.

While we can cut sloped panels, tracking attachment may not be practical since the panel either needs to be drawn uphill or will drag on the floor if drawn down hill. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve to deal with this. It all depends upon the steepness of the slope. For slopes less than 1:12 (a 1" drop for every 12" of width), tracking a sloped panel should be fine.

Strategy For Tracking Option

mosquito nettingIf it is steeper than a 1:12 pitch, you can either use Velcro® attachment for the entire sloped panel, or create a false level header beam. A false header beam can be any piece of wood that won't sag. A good candidate might be a 1 " x 4 " made of a hardwood turned on it's side where the bottom is 1" wide and the sides are 4" tall. The tracking and curtain are relatively light and the track is only 5/8" wide so it will easily under mount to the 1" bottom. The key is selecting a wood beam that won't sag over time.

If your sloped exposure is very wide, you will need to use a thicker/taller false header beam. With this false header beam, you will have a rectangle beneath the beam and a triangle above the beam. We simply Velcro® attach the top triangular panel and track attach the lower rectangular panel. Sometimes there is already a level header beam in place and is common for gabled roof lines (below). If so, you must have good Karma and planning is relatively easy.

You must phone in orders for sloped panels but we will need for you to email photos. See Important Instructions.

Floor slopes

screened patio screened porchSometimes the roof line is flat but the floor slopes. This is common for concrete patios to allow for drainage away from the house. If the height difference along any exposure is 1 1/2 inches or less, ignore the slope and measure for a simple rectangle using the tallest height. If the slope is more pronounced, call us and we will cut the floor slope for you.