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Odd Shapes


Communicating Odd Shapes

restaurant plastic drop panels  plastic outdoor panels for porch screened porch We can cut almost any angular shape if we have the correct geometry. The only shape we cannot cut is a rounded arc shape. The fabric has a bit of elasticity and even if we were to cut it correctly, the webbing material will pucker when we bind the curtain. We can only approximate arcs with a polygon.

Right Triangles

For any sloped cut, we only need heights and widths of the legs. In geometry, it was called rise and run. We do not need the length of the sloped hypotenuse when cutting as for this right triangle.

screened porch

Gabled Triangles

An Isosceles triangle is a symmetrical triangle, common for gabled roofs where side a = b. We only need the height and base. Again, all we need are the vertical and horizontal measurements.

diy screened porches

Any Shape

On any odd shaped cut, we start with a rectangle and cut out what we need to cut. Keep this in mind when providing dimensions. Notice that all measurements are either vertical or horizontal.

screened porches