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Masonry (Brick, Stone & Stucco)


Strategies For Masonry

Masonry surfaces include brick, stucco, cement, and stone and come in a variety of textures. Some masonry textures can be quite rough to the touch especially right-angled corners. If you bleed when you rub your hand over it, well, that's a good hint. Even rubbing denim over a prickly stucco corner long enough will eventually wear a hole.

You will want only the toughest part of the curtain to come directly in contact with masonry, and that is the sturdy binding around the perimeter of the curtain. When you have masonry support columns, it is common to use a separate curtain panel for each of your individual exposures such that the panels start and end where only the binding comes in contact with the masonry. If you special request, we are able to stitch a sturdy 3" webbing on any edge that interfaces with abraisive masonry.

If for some reason, the mosquito netting must pass a sharp surface you can either "block" or "pad." Blocking might involve stretching elastic cord between the netting and the sharp masonry to act as a rib barrier. Padding might involve fastening decorative corner molding to the exposed corner with a masonry adhesive.

Sealing to masonry

plastic plugsoutdoor curtains outdoor curtainsThere are a number of ways to seal the binding to masonry. Male marine snaps can be screwed into masonry using a $3 masonry drill bit and plastic insert casing (plastic plugs) to receive the screw. For brick, it is best to screw into the mortar and not the brick itself.

A wood strip can be fastened to a masonry wall or column with a good adhesive, or sometimes just wedged into place with a little extra help with a floor and ceiling "L-bracket". The side binding can now seal to the wood strip using any attachment method.

New adhesive-backed snaps

mosquito nettingThese are truly remarkable if done correctly. If you peel and stick and try to pull them off the adhesive will fail immediately. But if you peel & stick and DON'T touch them for 48 hrs, the adhesive will have time to cure and will hold VERY well. In addition, it depends upon your surface. Stucco is too rough and you should never use on stucco. Sandstone and hardiplank are too dusty and will never adhere. Should these be incorrectly applied, you can always supplement with a masonry adhesive from your local hardware store. We also send screw studs along with adhesive snaps as a back-up plan.

Configuring For Masonry

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More About Adhesive Snaps

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