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Awning Screens
An Affordable Way To Elegantly Screen Your Awning


Awning Screen Applications

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noseem nettingAwning screen patio awning screensWe offer high quality affordable netting screens for awnings. Awning screens are one of our easiest applications, but ONLY for fixed awnings. We custom-loom marine grade quality netting. It is tough and will not fade. While we offer other colors, black is crystal clear to see through and the preferred choice. We also carry a no-see-um mesh and a shade mesh that will also block flying insects. To give you an idea on price, an awning that is 10ft out 16ft across and 9ft tall would cost about $606 + shipping.

Example: Fixed Canvas Topped Awning Screens

This project Could have been configured any number of ways. In fact, the most common configuration is 2 symmetrical panels that meet in the center. The only reason to break the curtain into multiple panels is for obstructions and doorways. In this case, there are no obstructions. Many people get seduced into the tracking system with elegant swags, but keep in mind that black curtains are crystal clear to look through. You'll barely know they are there. These pipe frames are not good flat surfaces to mount track, anyways. This grommet method is the best possible option. It is also least expensive.porch screen In this example, the client did not want a doorway seam in the main line of view and instead placed the doors on the sides.screen an awning Panels attach to canvas awning frames using top grommets and zip ties. The curtain follows along the OUTSIDE of the frame and AROUND the outside of the support columns for maximum stability. The top of the curtain is actually higher up than in this diagram and behind the frame bar. Tracking is impossible for these types of awnings without major modifications to the frame.awning screening Most fixed awnings have a canvas top that ties to a metal frame. With this type of attachment surface, neither Velcro® tape nor tracking attachments will work, so we can place grommets every 12 inches that you can zip tie to your bar. Although the roof line of the awning may be pitched, most awnings have an additional horizontal bar providing a continuous level hanging surface for rectangular curtain panels. If the hanging surface is in fact sloped, we will cut the pitch.

Aluminum Top Awning Screens

The adhesive backed Velcro goes just above the top wave of the scallop. It still needs to be reinforced with marine snaps (at 2 top corners of a given panel and where a panel turns a corner. Because the aluminum is thin, it is best to place a small block of wood behind the scallp to hold the screw and prevent it from ripping out. The 4" webbing is heavy and durable enough not to get cut by the scalloped edge.Awning curtainsThis project has an aluminum scalloped awning that is sharp and will cut into netting. Tracking is rarely possible on these since they often lack a suitable track mounting surface. The best method is an outside hang with a broad 4" webbing to cover the sharp scallops. SEE NEXT IMAGE.Patio curtains These are best attached using an outside hang with Velcro® tape attachment. the adhesive backed Velcro needs to be applied horizontally just above the peak of a scallop. In addition, we need to protect the netting from rubbing against the bottom edge of the scallop, that over time, is like a knife edge.

We have a special little trick for these where we sew a very heavy 4 inch binding to the top of the curtain that can withstand the sharp edge. You will need to call in this order and simply tell us you have a "Scalloped aluminum awning."

Why Not Retractable Awnings?

There is no good way to do a retractable awning and still be able to open and close the awning. We've tried, we've even brought one into the shop to test. Each time you retract the awning, you have to completely remove the netting. Round trip for removing and rehanging is about 30 minutes. I promise, you will be wasting your money and will want to throw yourself off a cliff in frustration..

To Order, Send 2 Digital Photos

  • Photo 1: Showing the ENTIRE awning and a little more from your yard looking back at the awning
  • Photo 2: Showing us an outer corner taken from the interior showing us as much as possible. Send Here.
  • We will set up a quick planning session and walk you through your project showing how everything works
  • In the mean time, you can Read through website to learn about options This will be a "fixed attachment".
You can be prepared with these measurements:

  • HEIGHT at all 4 corners from TOP of horizontal bar to FLOOR
  • WIDTH of all sides remembering that curtains take a path AROUND your columns

20 mil Plastic Awning Enclosures

We did double sunbrella on this project. It was quite tall and too much sunbrella on the bottom would block the view of someone seated. restaurant plasticrestaurant plastic panelsplastic screen porchWe also make 20mil clear vinyl awning enclosures. You can seasonally swap Insect curtains with these thick plastic awning enclosures to enjoy a cozy warm space during the winter months.