Block Shaped Magnets for Doorways

Method 1: Individual Incisions For Pockets

This method is hard to get wrong but you need to be VERY careful not to burn the mesh when you "sear" the incisions. Watch this video first, but consider the alternative method.

Method 2: The Ramrod Method using Rods

This method is much easier, but you need to make sure the polarity of the magnets are in the correct alignment. Should you make a mistake and put one in backwards, create an incision just above the magnet, pinch it out of the incision, twist and re-insert. Remember to "sear the incision" as described in other video.

Once you are finished using the fiberglass rod as a ramrod, Insert it into a thin channel just OUTSIDE the double stitching. Corey is wearing a glove to avoid micro-splinters from handling the fiberglass rod.