A Special Method for Placing Marine Snaps In Raw Netting
Very important video to avoid "rip outs"



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Special Rubber Discs to Reinforce Raw Netting

screen enclosures on brick

Less Likely to "Rip Out"


While we fabricate custom Mosquito Curtains, sometimes clients are budgeted and want to create an inexpensive netting solution. A simple and reliable fastener is a marine snap. Our fabricated panels have a sturdy perimeter webbing that holds marine snaps very well. The problem with placing marine snaps in raw netting is that they are prone to "ripping out". The method described here demonstrates that by using 2 adhesive rubber discs, the pressure on the snap is more broadly distributed and the marine snap is less prone to "ripping out". NOTE: This method is NOT as sturdy as our fabricated panels.

To place these snaps, you will need a special tool that is fully refundable. Order our industrial snap tool for $130 and upon return, we will refund you the entire $130. When you order snaps from our raw netting store, we will include the rubber disks with your snaps

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Our Fabricated panels

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Male Snaps on Screw Studs