Large Industrial Snap Tool
Ordering this tool will save you lots of time

We've struggled with this for years and finally came up with a really good solution. When you are placing a handful of snaps, the economy tool we give you is sufficient. But if you are placing more than 20 snaps, 2-3 minutes per snap isn't all that fun. We have an industrial snap tool that enables you to place snaps even when the curtain is hanging in place and takes about 15 seconds.

The tool is fully refundable for a $130 deposit. We aren't trying to sell you this tool, we just want to get it back! You are free to keep it for $130, but chances are you won't be using something like this very often. Any time in the next 5 years, return the Industrial Tool for a full refund. Think of it as renting the tool for your cost to ship it back to us.