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Industrial & Commercial Mosquito Netting Applications
"If you can think it, we can probably make it!"

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Warehouse Screenscreen room HVAC filterplastic screen porch

Physical Mesh Filters

  • HVAC pre-filters to reduce costs for servicing, HEPA filter changes, and energy savings
  • Contraband being thrown over wall at a prison
  • Contain dropped objects from overhead construction
  • Enclosure to contain butterflies during an exhibit
  • Vat covers for wineries
  • Catch runaway lacrosse balls at school sports field
  • Block grenades from entering open tank hatch
  • Crud is falling from ceiling into clean workspace
  • Entomology experiments for agriculture
  • Segregate warehouse from insects (Health Dept)
  • Industrial dryer filters
  • Convex Screen doors for commercial air lines

20mil Clear Vinyl Plastic Filters

  • A "clean room" for manufacturing"
  • Rain and snow enclosures
  • Smokers need a warm place to smoke outdoors

Water Mesh Filters

  • Underwater torpedo target (Navy)
  • Oil Spill Curtain to catch tar balls
  • Segregate baby eels from hungry adults
  • Grow algae to oxygenate water for water treatment facility
  • Ever heard of a "fog catcher"?

Optical & Solar Filters

  • Theater scrim
  • Sniper Hides for US Special Forces
  • Privacy mesh for top secret equipment
  • Shade Mesh panels
  • Giant outdoor projection screens

Motorized Solutions?

Industrial Netting Applications

warehouse screeningmosquito netting 9Looking for top Quality mesh fabric that is made to last and is affordable? If you have a project that requires large netting, we can probably help, including ideas on how to "rig it". And if we can't help, we will direct you to another resource and step out of the way. We believe in the long run it is better to be the source of good answers than it is to try to sell inappropriate solutions.

We have a good supply of a few stock fabrics that will take care of most situations, however with a little time, we can custom-loom just about anything. Email us a digital photo of the space and what you want to accomplish. We'll help with an on line planning session where we can draw out a plan while you watch!

When You Think of Netting, Think Filter?

noseem nettingpre filter for HVACLarge netting panels for NASA. When you think of mesh netting in terms of "Filter", the applications are endless. What do you want to pass through? What don't you want to pass through? Golf courses have mesh screens or golf ball filters that allow both wind and scenery to pass through but block golf balls. So let your imagination run free. We can filter insects, dust, projectiles, light, sun, cold, rain, snow, fish, vision, or even create a medium for growing algae to oxygenate wate before it is reintroduced to a river.

Application Case Study

noseem nettingnoseem nettingnoseem nettingA flooring company applies a special coating during their runs that for whatever reason attracts bugs that can ruin an entire roll an shut down the line. The machinery in this area was oddly shaped and we coordinated with a framing company to build a framed enclosure and then retrofit a seal to the existing shape. White netting panels and the frame are both modular for easy removal to gain access for machine maintenance.