Gazebo Screen Net Curtains

Types of Gazebo Screens?

cheap gazebo netsLet's start with what we don't do. We DO NOT make the tissue paper thin cheap gazebo screens that you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores that do not last. The screens look barely passable even in the showroom, and while they tell you you can buy replacements, well, they are nearly impossible to find (best chance is The cheap replacements are still the best option, even if they only last a season or two given the pricing they are able to offer for mass production in China.

Custom-made Gazebo Curtains at an Affordable Price

how to screen a gazeboyardistry curtainsgazebo screensWe make only high quality mosquito curtains mainly for wood framed gazebos and pergolas. Ours are made to last and will not fade. Our gazebo screens are frame-less and do no require changes to your existing structure saving you cost and more headache. Because columns of gazebos are often irregularly shaped (not a perfectly straight 4 x 4 post), a frame-less gazebo screen system will not detract from the style of your gazebo. For these types of applications, we will be your lowest cost solution. As an example, an octagonal gazebo 9ft tall and 40ft around the perimeter would price at $660 using a fixed attachment, or $860 with the optional tracking option. Curtains easily self-install in an afternoon. See our extensive photo gallery of client photos or read customer reviews.

Fixed Attachment For Gazebo Screens

gazebo netsgazebo curtainsThis is the preferred and least expensive method for gazebos. Essentually, you wrap the entire structure like a "soup can label" like the photos show. Where the 2 ends meet, we create a magnetic doorway for easy access. We can add more access points by dividing your project into more panels. While this may at first defy your sensibilities, consider that the black mesh is nearly crystal clear to see through and a fancy tracking system may not be used quite as often as you might anticipate. By seasonally leaving the panel in place, you know you can always walk into a protected space and leave any time you like without a fuss. Email us a digital photo following these instructions and we will be happy to help.

Fixed Attachment Enables You To Interchange With Clear Vinyl Winter Panels.

plastic screen gazebo plastic gazebo panelsWe also make Clear Vinyl Winter Panels that really must use a fixed attachment, and for good reasons. Curtains that wrap the outside of the skeletal structure of your columns are very stable in the wind. Because these panels are perfectly dense to block the cold air, they require the structure of an outside hang.

Tracking Attachment

gazebo netsgazebo netsThis method is not commonly used for gazebos. In fact, we often tell customers to save the money as sometimes more expensive is not necessarily better. Tracking is more appropriate for pergolas where you are better able to create that "look". Multi-faceted structures like octagons require very particular architecture to make tracking tasteful.If you would still like to explore the tracking option for gazebos follow these instructions to email us a digital photo.

Only Quality Mesh

noseem nettingWe custom-loom marine grade quality netting. Where the cheap gazebo nets have a thread weight of about denier, our heavy mosquito netting has a 450 denier. We solution dye our black curtains which will impress the design community. Solution dying is the same process Sunbrella® uses which produces the most fade resistant coloring and UV protection possible. We also carry a no-see-um mesh and a shade mesh that will also block flying insects. If you are the outdoor type, we even offer a white projection screen material so that you can watch movies outdoors. Do you hav a Yardistry® gazebo with aluminum roof from Costco®?