French Door Screens
by Mosquito Curtains


Retractable Mosquito Curtains For French Doors

We custom make French Door Screens that operate on an outdoor curtain track. This video will explain the components and how our French Door Screens operate. Since we custom make these to the inch, there are no size constraints.

noseem nettingWe use a very high marine-grade quality Mosquito Netting Mesh that is made for outdoor use and will not fade. These are NOT the low quality Magic Mesh Curtains® and shouldn't be compared. An average 6ft wide French door screen is $180 + shipping. We have NO size limits.

Installation in about an hour

Mount your track on to the underside of your header beam as far from your doors as possible. Snap your track carriers onto curtain panels and into the track. Set your marine snaps, fiberglass rods, & magnets. That's it!

All our curtains are custom-made so there are no standard sizes. To order, follow these 7 steps where you will learn how everything works and what hardware you will need to order. There are a few options to consider like color (black is most common for clarity) and a less expensive Velcro® attachment method that may suit you. Be sure to read about IMPORTANT measurement adjustments when you plan your order.

Check List of Kit Items to Order

  • Specify your panel dimensions described here
  • Optional Curtain Track 8ft lengths that can be cut with hacksaw
  • Track end caps (2)
  • Marine snaps (10)
  • Block shaped Magnets (10)
  • fiberglass rods (2)