Clear Vinyl Pricing
Weather-proof Your Porch & Patio

Estimating The Cost Of Your Project

Prices are broken down into 3 price categories depending upon the height of your project. Panels less than 76" tall do not require a canvas apron requiring less labor and materials. Most projects are in the 77" - 108" height range and require only a bottom canvas apron. Above 108" we recommend both a top and bottom canvas apron since bottom aprons taller than 30" might be difficult to see over while seated outdoors.

Consider these good "ball park numbers" that should be enough to decide if it is within your budget. We love when clients check competing manufacturers as we are about 25 to 40% less expensive (try your local awning company or there are a few online competitors). If you would like a more precise quote, we MUST see digital photos of your project and we will set up an Online planning session where we will help design your project with you. Keep in mind that most folks do NOT order the tracking option for Clear Vinyl winter Panels. Tracking is used more often with our summer insect curtains.
Less than 76" Tall
77" - 108" Tall
Greater than 108" Tall
Panels & Fasteners $22/ft width + $55/panel $28/ft width + $60/panel $35/ft width + $65/panel
Example 10ft panel = $275 10ft panel = $340 10ft panel = $415
Canvas Apron Not Required Bottom Only Top & Bottom
Optional Tracking $4/ft width Standard Track $4/ft width Standard Track $7/ft width Heavy Track
  outdoor plastic for screen porch plastic patio panels rain proof screen porch
  No Canvas Apron Bottom Apron Only Top & Bottom Apron