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Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures For Porch & Patio

Properties & Constraints


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Often seen in restaurants, Clear Vinyl Winter Panels enable you to weather proof your porch or patio from cold, wind and rain. Used in conjunction with a space heater, you can create a cozy outdoor enclosure to enjoy family time during fall and winter.
  • We are generally 25-40% less expensive than competitors.
  • Engineered to easily self install without the clunky hardware.
  • No need to pay the annual fees to remove & rehang
  • Taller Clear Vinyl Windows than ANYONE for 72" tall vs 54"

Outdoor Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures | Properties & Constraints

  • Double polished marine grade
  • 20 mil Clear Vinyl
  • California fire rated Clear Vinyl
  • Sunbrella Apron fire rated upon request
  • Max CV height = 72" (others only 54")
  • Cold crack test to -20° F or -28° C
  • Why Us? We'll even tell you our competitors.

Ordering Process

  1. Prepare yourself by reading website
  2. Email us digital photos of your project
  3. We'll set up online planning session
  4. In session, we draw on your photos as you watch!

Important Temperature Constraints

Clear Vinyl Plastic will crack if folded below -20° F or -28° C which can happen in the wind. Do not try to manipulate curtains below these temperatures as they become brittle and will crack. Some northern clients have sub zero temperatures and remove clear vinyl curtains during the coldest months and use clear vinyl curtains as a three-season application. As you will see in following the next step, We add a flexible webbing to absorb twisting of the clear vinyl along the attachment edges of the curtains.

Don't push the limit! If you get news of unusually cold temperatures, run a heater in the space (as you would run water to avoid a pipe burst) to keep your porch temperature above -5° F (-20° C). In addition, temperatures above 90 degrees will slowly shrink panels. It is best to remove panels in the summer and store panels in a COOL DRY place.

Wind Constraints For Outdoor Plastic Panels

Remember these are perfectly dense and act as a large sail in strong winds. All manufacturers will tell you that these are designed to block the chilly breeze but can get damaged in strong winds. For wind speeds above 20-25mph, it is best not to try to fight nature and open them up to allow the strong winds to pass. If you have these types of winds, let us know so that we can maximize stability. In addition, the tracking option will enable you to open curtains up quickly in strong winds.

Warming your Space

We're nuts about safety and heaters can be dangerous. Consider an electric radiating heater that is safely placed to avoid fire and burns. Propane space heaters burn cleaner (byproduct is carbon-dioxide and water) than fuel based heaters but humans need oxygen and your space needs ventilation.

Never! Never! Never! use other organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) that produce dangerous toxic gas (carbon monoxide). It would be like sealing your garage and running your car engine. In time, IT WILL KILL YOU. Please be smart about your heating sources and carefully read up on the manufacturer warnings when purchasing. We want you and yours, SAFE!

Outdoor Plastic Enclosures | For Restaurants

Want to lure customers to outdoor dining during in cold and rainy climate? Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures are an investment that pay for themselves in just a week or two. Keep customers warm by using a space heater and create a cozy al fresco environment year round. Using outdoor clear vinyl plastic panels will put more diners in view of passers by luring them towards a restaurant with "action", instead of to an alternative restaurant. Expand your culinary real estate, Today!

Outdoor Clear Vinyl Plastic Enclosures | Why Us?

Protecting your porch or patio from wind, rain and snow doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. To date, providers of this type of product have been the awning companies. When we studied their products, we found them to us heat welded clear vinyl that had unsightly seams and plastic aprons that looked too industrial looking for our taste. The stitching of their Outdoor Clear Plastic Enclosure Panels was not automated and fastening methods included a metal welting tape that required their professional service (at a cost) to remove during summer months and was unsightly. We had a better idea!

We are about 65% of the cost to protect a screen porch with outdoor plastic enclosure panels compared to any competitor because we do it smarter. We found a way to make a very rare 20 mil clear vinyl plastic for our outdoor plastic panels that is 72" tall instead of standard 54" tall. What this means is larger windows for you and less fabrication cost since we typically only need to put our canvas aprons on the bottom without a top apron. In addition, our fasteners are simpler and so easy to install that homeowners can handle clear plastic enclosure projects on their own with just a screw driver and a ladder. Our aprons are either Sunbrella® or Weathermax® for a cleaner natural look, though they are expensive fabrics to buy. We would rather focus on material quality and stitch quality than on over-engineering what should be a simple product. Best of all, our outdoor plastic panels take just minutes to remove without professional services, putting you in control.

Clear Vinyl Outdoor Plastic Panels will enclose this outdoor gazebo protecting it from rain, cold wind and snow. With a weatherproof enclosure, this happy homeowner can enjoy his view of the lake without suffering the cold.restaurant outdoor plastic panels

Clear Vinyl Winter Panels
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Weather Proof Your Porch
Outdoor Plastic enclosure panels for restaurants require a bit of guidance and we like for you to email us a digital photo so that we can help you plan your project. Unlike our Mosquito Netting Curtains, these orders must be phoned in. clear viny plastic panels
Restaurant Enclosures
We did double Sunbrella on this project. It was quite tall and too much Sunbrella on the bottom would block the view of someone seated. plastic screen porch panels
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