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Mosquito Curtains is a true American small family run business.  We believe that starts with treating your employees right and we consider them part of our family.  Every member of our family contributes to our ongoing mission - to provide the best product with the best service.

Kurt Jordan
Redondo Beach, CA
Elizabeth Jordan
Co-Owner & Design
Marietta, GA
Patrick Jordan
Stockroom Boy & Poet
Atlanta, GA
Isabella Jordan
Folding & Curtain Hugger
Atlanta, GA
Aaron Gorecki
Planner / Sales
South Chicago, IL
Matt Rier
Planner / Sales
Framingham, MA
John Hubay
Planner / Sales
Geneva, IL
Juan Mittoo
Production Mgr. & Spiritual Beacon
Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
Heather Evans
Customer Support
Portland, ME
Gary Richmond
Planner / Sales
Cleveland, OH
Gregorio Gonalez
Mechanic & Strong Guy
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Francisco Gonzalez
Head Cutter, Sewer & Primo
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phon Chem
Industrial Sewing
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Doina Draiman
Industrial Sewing & Friendly Hugs
Sinath Tep
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Corey Wiley
Quality Control
Doraville, GA
Martin the Dog
Atlanta, GA
Sport Jordan
Ravenwood, MO
Duke Jordan
Diagrams & Engineering
Redondo Beach, CA
Arturo Gonzalez
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Carlos Gonzalez
Cutter & Mechanic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Michael Barreto
Shipping & Kits
Atlanta, GA
Mike Say
Shipping & Kits
Marietta, GA
Trang Dang
Planner / Sales
Savannah, GA

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