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mosquito netting
We made a roof panel for this outdoor pergola. Originally, he wanted tracking attachment, but given the way he uses his porch and the clarity of the black mosquito netting, we suggested that he could save money with no loss in function using Velcro® attachment.screen porches   Notice how clear the black mosquito netting is particularly with the netting roof panel that allows light into the space.DIY screen porch   This is the archetype for our product. Permanent screening would have been very expensive and would have ruined this lovely porch. Mosquito Netting Curtains proved to be the right choice.screen room   Now she can draw her curtains open and enjoy a good old-fashioned open porch.screen room
This was an easy 2 sided balcony exposure with 19 ln ft and tracking at $271 all in.screen balcony   When Mosquito Netting Curtains do not turn a corner, you have the option of hanging the curtains inside or outside the railing.screen balcony   An inside hang offers the best street appeal since the eye wants to see the columns and railings unobstructed.veranda screen   Yes, open those doors and let the cool breeze refresh the house. Some folks start with the idea of screening French doors, but later discover that for a bit more, they can screen the entire porch.veranda screening
This is a gabled roof. Typically, we address the gabled triangle separately. When there is a horizontal header beam across the gable, you have the option of tracking below the header beam.screen porch 14   The No-see-um Netting Curtains are rather opaque from the outside looking in but very clear from the inside looking out.screen porch 15   This is an Ivory curtain with a black border. The colors blend together for many. Others don't care for it. It's all personal taste but consider the alternative snow white perimeter webbing that will easily soil.screen room   mosquito netting 4
This pergola required a roof panel where we always use the heavy mosquito netting mesh.pergola screens   The tall opening is 19ft high. We had to rotate the fabric and then we were restricted to a maximum width of 12ft. The opening was 16ft so we split the panels for a doorway.screen rooms   With masonry, we don't want the curtains to pass a masonry column that will wear the curtain prematurely. We created a separate mosquito netting panel for each of the 3 exposed openings.patio screening   Notice the clarity of the black mosquito netting outdoor curtains.patio screening
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