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mosquito netting
White becomes somewhat opaque in the direct sunlight.porch screening 18   To permanently screen this Victorian trim means framing around the irregularly shaped columns and then stapling screen. Curtains offer greater flexibility and no need to frame.porch screening 5   This boat dock provided plenty of sctructure for mosquito curtains. When the boat is in the slip, they can enjoy time with family during the late afternoon or evening without the bother of bugs chasing them away..mosquito netting curtains   The curtains slide out of the way easily, either for convenience or during those parts of the day when bugs aren't out.mosquito netting
Outside hangs look better from inside and inside hangs look better from the outside.porch screening   The owners of this large wrap around Victorian porch decided to defend only the side porch. The porch is predominantly "open" and access through the front door is no problem.porch screening 4   This adult tree house is a favorite hang out for a cup of tea.screen room enclosure   Ivory curtains in 4 panels were narrow enough to swag the curtains without sliding them. Each panel straddles a corner.screen room enclosure
This NY brownstone has a very odd shaped deck where the pipe frame application would not configure correctly. A contractor welded this steel frame in the shape she needed.patio screen rooms   The roof panel was so oddly shaped that she cut a template from a plastic tarp and mailed it to us to match.patio screen room   White curtains, when lit from inside create an ethereal glow.screened room 12   This 38 ln ft White Mosquito Netting Curtain with tracking delivered in 3 days at $642.screened room 10
White Mosquito Netting Curtains are somewhat milky to look through. Visibility improves when the curtains are shaded.screen room 23   While we prefer an outside hang for fixed Velcro® attachment, the client chose an inside hang. Elastic cord stretched vertically inside the support columns brace the curtain in windy conditions.screen room 22   Think she's worrying about biting insects right now? Previously, the porch was unusable during the warm season.screen room 15   Black Mosquito Netting Curtains draw open during mid day when mosquitoes are inactive.screen room 14
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