Mosquito Netting Curtains

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Mosquito netting
 Black Netting Mesh   Closed   Open
  • Near perfect visibility
  • Formal elegant look
  • Solution dyed fade resistance
  • Most popular choice
  • Doesn't show dirt
  • 80% of clients choose Black
Black patio enclosure netting
  black mosquito netting fabric
White Netting Mesh      
white mosquito netting   white patio enclosure netting
  Ivory Netting Mesh        

This is IVORY Color

In Heavy Mosquito Mesh Only

Webbing is Bright White


ivory mosquito netting
  Ivory patio enclosure netting
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mosquito netting mesh fabric
Screen mesh

Mosquito Netting | Colors Qualities & Tips to Consider

  • Black Mosquito Netting, No-see-um, and Shade Mesh
Unless black fabrics are "solution dyed", they are prone to fading into that faded asphalt look. Of course we want only want the best patio enclosures for our good customers and solution dye all our black mosquito netting, no see um mesh, and our shade cloth fabric. Mosquito netting starts out as a polyester "soup" that gets spun into thread and then woven into netting fabric. The natural color of polyester is a creamy color. While the mosquito netting appears black to the naked eye, it is really only surface dyed. When surfaced dyed black dye degrades, the creamy colored core bleeds through for that faded asphalt look that we don't want.

We solution dye our black color in the soup and add our UV inhibitors to the soup before it is ever spun into thread. This means that the threads are black and UV protected to their core. Cheap mosquito netting almost never is solution dyed and clients don't learn for months when it is too late. The advantage to black mosquito netting for patio enclosures is that it is crystal clear to see through and the perimeter black webbing is not prone to soiling saving you time in the laundry room.

  • White Mosquito Netting, No-see-um, and Shade Mesh
White and ivory netting is lovely. While not nearly as clear to see through, white netting is a unique look where you want to yell out, "Hey cabana boy? Another Mai Tai please!" Mosquito netting is only about has about 15-20% of the density of a bed sheet. White netting itself doesn't show as much dirt as you might initially think. If you were to throw a bucket of dirt on white mosquito netting and spread it out, you only see about 20% of the dirt. White no-see-um is a bit denser at around 30% and white shade, about 80%.

We bind white curtains with white webbing for consistency and it is really the perimeter webbing that shows most of the dirt on patio enclosures, particularly the bottom webbing that brushes the ground. Some folks have special ordered "ONLY the bottom webbing to be black" (with written comments at checkout) so that the sides and top don't look too "zebra-like" or "Versace" and the base doesn't show dirt. Lastly, while curtains are and should be cleaned at least once a season, check with your cleaners. It may be less expensive than you think.

  • Ivory Mosquito Netting (only)
Very similar to white (above) in its color qualities but ivory takes the visual "edge" off the bright white. UNLESS instructed otherwise, Ivory mosquito netting curtains have a white webbing. Some folks have special ordered the entire mosquito net curtain to be fully framed in black (with written comments at checkout and no extra charge). Some folks love the ivory-framed-in-black color combination while others have raised an eyebrow. But, it is certainly practical for patio enclosures!

As the owner, I myself (owner), like black webbing on ivory mosquito netting and it really grows on you after awhile. Keep in mind that some don't like the bright white webbing on ivory curtains for patio enclosures either. We want you to have what you want, but please be definitive with your decision. Again, you can easily request the "entire curtain to be framed in black" in the comments section at checkout.
This wedding reception will be safe from biting insects so the bride and groom can enjoy their day without uninvited bugs. Unless requested, Ivory CUrtains are framed with a white webbing. screen porch with insect netting This is an Ivory curtain with a black border. The colors blend together for many. Others don't care for it. It's all personal taste but consider the alternative snow white perimeter webbing that will easily soil.screen room  
Ivory Framed in White
Ivory Framed in black
Upon request