Affordable Insect Screening Solutions

For Bimini, Stern Porches & More

  • We offer affordable custom-made solutions
  • Using the highest quality materials
  • Due to odd shapes, we must see a digital photo
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A House boat requires that screening be retractable so that the screens aren't ruined while the boat is under way. Our tracking system enables you to slide curtains open at any time. In addition, we custom cut the odd shapes necessary to fit your particular structure, and for less money than you might imagine. This 32ft wide project with all necessary hardware was $560 and delivered in 5 days. boat enclosures We can show you how to rig raw netting or custom-make a solution for you that is more affordable than you might imagine. This custom solution using our no-see-um mesh cost $390 and delivered in less than 1 week. bimini screens This project is simply a porch that floats. There is nothing particularly unusual about it at all. 32ft wide including tracking hardware with our gorgeous no-see-um netting curtains delivered in 4 days at $560. marine netting
We can cut some mighty odd shapes if you provide the necessary geometry. This project using no-see-um netting panels simply slips over the Bimini with a total cost of about $400 and delivered in the clients hands in 5 days.sail boat screening We have a variety of colors to choose from. Curtains enhance the look of your space while providing insect protection. Curtains are removable and washable at any time. boat enclosures These panels attach to the Bimini frame using a combination of Velcro and grommets in combination with plastic cable ties. boat screen enclosure
Clear Vinyl Plastic boats This boat owner had very odd shapes. We sent him unfinished mosquito netting fabric and carefully cut these odd shapes, sent it back to us to bind the edges and add fasteners. It was a cooperative effort and he was willing to put in a little extra time to save. boat netting And yes, of course, we make custom mosquito Netting Curtains in a variety of colors for porches, patios and more! Best of all, we deliver at lightning speed. This customer ordered on a Monday and received their custom-made order in 4 days!screened porch enclosure
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Mosquito Netting & Screen Patio Benefits

Any area around your house with a covered roof can be converted into valuable outdoor living space with a mosquito netting curtain. A screen patio does much more than just add value to your home. Use your mosquito netting curtain to add living space, enclose a gazebo, deck, or patio. A screen patio is a versatile addition to any home, especially if you can remove it during the cooler months. With a screen patio you are able to enjoy the beauty of nature without the burden of outdoor discomforts.

With a mosquito netting curtain, you can enjoy a warm summer day without the constant bother of bugs. A vibrant and alluring addition to any home, a screen patio does more than provide protection from the relentless pestering of hungry bugs. Mosquito netting curtains will differentiate your home from those with a permanent screen patio and create an eye catching improvement to your home. Protect your family from mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, yellow flies, bees, and other flying insects with attractive mosquito netting curtains for a patio screen room enclosure you can be proud of.

We offer custom-made mosquito netting curtains as a removable alternative to permanent screening. Elegant yet inexpensive, mosquito netting curtains are for the "patio too beautiful to screen" and, for the homeowner who wants quality AND savings with delivery in 3-6 business days. Mosquito netting curtains self-install in about 1-4 hrs with few household tools and novice skills. We also offer Raw Mosquito Netting Fabric and no-see-um netting for other DIY projects.

Custom-made with the highest quality materials, attach mosquito netting curtains using either curtain tracking or Velcro® tape. Far less expensive than a permanent screen patio, you will be able to remove the mosquito netting curtain in minutes and enjoy a good old fashioned open patio whenever you choose.

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