French Door Screens by Mosquito Curtains

Retractable Mosquito Curtains For French Doors

We custom make French Door Screens that operate on a outdoor curtain tracking. This video will explain the components and how French Door Mosquito Curtains Operate. Since we custom make these to the inch, there are no size constraints.

We use a very high quality Mosquito Mesh that is made for outdoor use. These aren't the low quality Magic Mesh Curtains® and shouldn't be compared. Our curtains are top of the line yet at an affordable price. An average 6ft wide French door screen is $170 + shipping. We have NO size limits.

Below is an example just for French Door Screens. If you would like deeper detail for other applications, click here

How to Measure

Example of How to Order

Think of your French Door as a single plane exposure consisting of 2 panels that join together in the center with super powerful neodymium magnets. Your curtains need to be a few inches wider than your actual exposed width so that you can seal the sides to the frame using marine snaps.
  1. Take exposed width from inside sometimes called "daylight opening"
    Inside door jam to door jam for width & underside of header to floor for height
    For any fractions of an inch measured, round DOWN to nearest inch
  2. Add 5" to this measurement for fastening overlaps.
  3. Divide by 2 for each of two panels
  4. Use measured height for tracking attachment, or add 2" for Velcro attachment


Mount your track on to the underside of your header beam as far from your doors as possible. Place your carriers into the track. Set your marine snaps, fiberglass rods, & magnets. Total time to install is about 1 hr.

French Door Screen Enclosure Benefits

French door screens can be hard to find since a properly fitted French door screen should be custom made...and that's exactly what we do! We start with the highest quality mosquito netting fabric, bind all the edges with a sturdy webbing and provide a kit for fastening top and sides. All this at an affordable price. With our powerful neodymium magnets, you can enter and exit your French door screen easily. In addition, pets can enter and exit as well.

Our French door screens are really French door insect curtains that slide on an overhead tracking made for outdoors. They are elegant and easily removable during those months when flying insects are not a nuisance. If your French doors open onto a porch or patio, you may find that Mosquito Curtains covering the entire space will protect more area and eliminate the need for French door screens.


We offer various colors in Black Ivory & White, however, we strongly recommend black both for clarity and look cleaner longer between washings.

Mesh Types

Most order our heavy mosquito mesh curtains, however if you live in an area with tiny tiny midge flies sometimes called no-see-ums, we have that too. Lastly in rare cases, some will order our shade / privacy mesh to block the blinding sun or prying eyes of nosy neighbors.
  1. Let's say, you measure inside opening at 77" wide x 98.5" tall
  2. Add 5" (77 + 5) = 82"
  3. Divide by 2 for split doorway (82" / 2) = 41" for panel widths
  4. for Height, 98.5 " for tracking attachment or 100.5" for Velcro
Step 1
Panel 1 = 41 in. (wide) x 98 in. (tall)
Order Panels
Panel 2 = 41 in. (wide) x 98 in. (tall)
Step 2
1 - 7ft Straight track (cuts with hacksaw)
Order Track Hardware
2 - end caps

Splices are not required unless your project is wide enough to require joining multiple tracks

Step 1
10 - marine snaps (includes tool)
Order Attachments
4 - fiberglass rods (side stiffeners)
  10- block shaped magnets (for doorway)

That's all there is to it!

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Other Applications